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October 25, 2005



I may or may not be a rat, but boy do I hate peastone. It hurts so much! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Oh, wait, peastone, not pee stones. Got it. Nevermind.

Fred the neighbor

I've never noticed the rats. But you really have to do something about all those cockroaches.

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent, you've met a lady.




It not's that delivery girl for the Thai food is it? I knew you were just a bit too excited about those Spring Rolls.


You've got two cats on a relatively small piece of property. What idiot of an inspector would ever believe you've got rats?

And when your neighbor came out in her backyard and laughed while you were being inspected, didn't that sort of give things away to the good inspector?

Now you know why those guys are pest inspectors. They must rate right up there with garbage truck lickers for intelligence.

Fred the neighbor

But the cats are kept on leashes.


Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Mrs. Peperium

Card, the old Rat Inspector did catch on. After he visited with me he would go over and visit with her. She wouldn't let him in her yard. The way it works is once the report is filed the City has a duty to follow through. I could make life difficult for the Rat Inspector but my attitude is why? The guy is just trying to do his job.

Did we ever tell you about the time Mr. P heard some noise at the front door and opened it to find her decorating our front lawn with Christmas decorations? She had filled her yard to the brim and just moved over into ours. He about flipped out. I calmed him down and he went out into the yard and told her with a straight face that Santa Claus was against our religion. She was prepared for a fight but not "Santa is against our religion..." She undid everything and slunk home. We found out later that she called the few neighbors that talk to her to find out about the Episcopal Church. She told them what had happened and how she did not realise the Episcopal Church was more stringent than the Catholic Church. The neighbors assured her it was.

Mrs. Peperium

I see that QQ has already cracked open the Australian Shiraz.

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, do you think he uses his front teeth or a corkscrew to open it?


Mrs. P, why would you think a Biblical quotation had anything to do with Shiraz? As usual, you're quite wrong.


I'll be back.

Mrs. Peperium

My freshman roommate loved Michael Jackson. She used to play Ben all the time. I thought Ben was a dog. Who sings that way to a rat?

Card's wife

Mrs. P, be nice to QQ.

QQ, she's not Michael's sister. Although they do have one thing in common.

She's just a little cranky tonight because she's been baking all day. She has 36 cupcakes that resemble rats. Whiskers and all. Little Bertie has a Halloween party at school tomorrow and her backup bloggers couldn't fill in for her today.


Did we just lose a ton of comments?


Only one. I overstepped my boundaries, for which I apologize, and my comment was deleted, as it should have been.

Card's wife

Mrs. P, how did the rat cupcakes go over?

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