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September 29, 2006



Brilliant! And to think this all started with a wee bit of neo-classical sculpture on the Irish Elk site.

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Very good Sgt. Fiendish, I am happy to see you are a fan of Mr. Fleming's art...By the way, that would be Dame Diana Rigg to you and me...


If any of you have read about "La Contessa Teresa di Vincenzo" in one of the best Bond books - On Her Majesty's Secret Service or have seen the almost flawless film then you are Ok in my book. Although Tracy wasn't Catholic - she was Anglican as it says in the book.

Mrs. Peperium

Just to establish my Flemming art credentials, when I was twelve I read his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over and over and over. It was at that point I became a fan of British racing green and trip wires in smuggling tunnels in Dover. The film is a sugar-coated version -perfect for 5 and 7 year olds but the book is definitely for a more mature audience.

Mr. P is a Bond nut and naturally I became one too. The knives were out for me among the women at the office when I stated in a meeting that when James appeals to Fatima's vanity by asking for her autograph from his exploding pen is one one the best psychological scenes Hollywood has ever done. I further sealed my fate by following it with "Had I known earlier about how great Bond movies were, I would never have gone into advertising. I would have been a Bond Girl."

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, that was the first one I ever read.

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Please, we were trying to overlook that blemish...We think she wanted to be Catholic, although Mr. Fleming forgot to mention it in the book...

Mrs. Peperium

By the way Squadron Leader Cusack, that day in the office I was speaking of, it was the first time I was called a traitor.

My favorite Bond:



How about if the OHMSS movie would of had Julie Christie as Tracy instead of Dianna Rigg and Yul Brenner instead of Telly Savalas?


If you are going to even THINK of casting changes in OHMSS, why on earth would you start with two of the top four casting strokes (Irma Bunt and Marc Ange Draco having also been well cast, although Dame Diana Rigg was the best casting move in any Bond film ever.)

Mrs. Peperium

Happy birthday Sgt. Fiendish:


Apparently it was:


Mandingo (who gets crushes on stunning women) Jones

I need to come out of the closet - I have a very strong Teresa or Mrs. Peel fixation too. Actually there is this tall and stunning Italian American gal at work that looks so so much like a young Diana Rigg circa 1966 and I bet she doesn't even know it or who Dianna Rigg is - now that explains the heavy crush I have always had on this gal at work when she walk by - I picture Mrs. Peel...
BTW - my wife would kill me if she saw this - but it's just an innocent school boy crush...

A cold shower for the males is suggested after this clip - and don't even look at Joan Collins.


Mr. Peperium

Mrs. P is advising me to advise you that you should go to Saks. I maintain that this is pointless, as Saks probably doesn't carry k*nky collars. At least not for girls. Still, (sigh) one can always hope. Ask some nice sales girl with an understanding face. Just remember to remember your wife's size. Those things are embarassing to return.

Actually, I think Mrs.P is on to something. Shop around for something that Diana Rigg might wear. Like a skin-tight turtleneck or knee-high riding boots. Ask the Mrs. to pull her hair back in a tight pony tail. If she asks searching questions, you can always fall back on stout denial. It has always served me well in the past.

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