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September 22, 2006



Oh, lord. That link should have come with a warning.

Mrs. Peperium

Too arty?

Basil Seal



What a funny girl.

Mrs. Peperium

Time waits for no one. Including saline-filled bobs.

Mrs. Peperium

Oh, time was the right answer.

The Maximum Leader

My eyes! They burn!

Mrs. Peperium

You RCBFA do realise that Miss Streisand did this for Bill Clinton's benefit. No wonder he's complaining so much about getting old.

Mr. Peperium

Very National Geographic.


I hope she washes.

She was beautiful when she was a young lady even with the big shnozz - or folks, was that also smoke and mirrors. Was she always a leftist millionair nut?

Has anyone seen the movie where she romantically dances with a Fidel Castro like figure? It was in the 70s.


Mr. P wrote:

"Very National Geographic."

you ain't seen nothing yet, wait till you see the primative mating ritual she does to ethnic conga drum music for her lovers.


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