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October 19, 2006



Your welcome.
A few thoughts...and kick my butt if I am rambling like I usally do.

Make money, send your kids to an expensive college, and have them come back indoctrinated, nice - happens all the time though.

I always think it's a good thing to celebrate a positive image of femininity. I am smitten by lovely strong and independent women who are NOT feminists. I wonder what camp Emma Peel fell into?
The fems have a few things in common with Islamo-fascists even though the mullahs hate women (actually when you come to think about it - the feminists also hate women too) - both are radical, both are fascist, though they show it differently, they are fanatics to their causes, and they both are members of a cult that deals in death - the Jihadists do their suicide thing and the fems worship at the altar of abortion on demand - abortion today: the only genocide that is politically incorrect to speak about in negatively our culture.

I might not be making any sense below:

I don't think that the majority of folks who read this blog consider themselves feminists - I am a traditional real guy/ man so I might be wrong - but I know that the people who read your blog Mrs. P are mostly decent individuals. We would be outraged at things that happen to women around the world. You don't have to be a feminist to be OUTRAGED when women were being executed by the Taliban in the Kabul soccer stadium, or when a Moslem girl is a victim of an honor killing, or when a Chinese mom is forced to have an abortion, or when a Hindu wife is burned to death in a dowry killing in Bombay, or when a poor female child in West Africa is genitally circumsised/mutilated by her male elders or even when an American wife is beaten by an abusive spouse. Being against these things is not a feminist issue - it's a human issue. I like chivalry - I am chivalrous and if the femmies don't like that, well...

Where were the femmies when their pro choice suga daddy, Bubba Klinton was being a big cad with women? Not one word was said. Speaks volumes.

I have always thought Ashley Judd was the milkman's daughter...

Mrs. Peperium

And a beautiful milkman's daughter at that. He must have had some great cows.

Like with the mullahs, women, or more importantly girls are the feminist's playthings. It's that simple. They were all over the plight of the Afghan woman before 9/11. It was from my older feminist friend in 1997 that I first heard of the abuses of the Afghan women. She believed Clinton was going to help them. He did nothing - he did not even give enough support to our ally over there who was assasinated just a few days before 9/11. The feminists were right about Afghanistan and the Taliban. Then when 9/11 happened, the fems shut up because their team wasn't in office. They never cheered Bush. They jeered him calling him the biggest terrorist in the world. The Bush administration with what it has done in Afghanistan and Iraq for women has been the most one of the most positve forces for women in the world in a very long time. The most positve force is the Catholic Church but that's another discussion.

The only feminists in Bond were Number 2 or was she 3 ? Onnatop, Fatima, and that Russian needle expert that caused James to exclaim "For England" before he embraced her.


Ashley Judd in Africa: Priceless.

Mrs. Peperium

My favorite line from the article I linked under 'interview'

"Since the wedding, the newlyweds have been holed up in rural Tennessee in order to devote themselves to yoga..."

She is a screwball, just not a feminist screwball.

Mandingo Jones

Maybe it's that sexy type of Yoga?







Oh, dear, I hope it wasn't the bob that made her wacko.

Mrs. Peperium

Bobs do make girls do the most extraordinary things. I'm firmly convinced that it was the bob I wore when I was 22 that caused me to drink a beer out of a Viking cap. Viking as in raper and pillager of the sea and not the Minnisota Vikings cap.

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