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June 05, 2007


Nasty, Brutish & Short

Perhaps it was the Fermoys, in which case, wow, you really did tell them...

"The Honorable Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961, in Park House on the Queen’s estate at Sandringham, the third daughter of Johnnie, only son of the seventh Earl Spencer and Frances, his wife. Frances was the younger daughter of Lord and Lady Fermoy, neighbors at Sandringham and friends of the former King George V1 and the late Queen Mother. It was on the death of Lord Fermoy that Diana’s parents moved to Park House, which was to become her early childhood home."

Also, sorry about Hobbes.


My condolences for Hobbes. We have shared many e-memories.

Racally Papist Priest

I knew that there had to be a story behind that name and was wondering if anything named after Ted Kennedy could be that good...

Mrs. Peperium

Thanks for the concern about Hobbes. He's still among the living.

Thank you Misspent for clarifying your comments so nicely:)

As for who the members of the British aristocracy possibly being members of the Fermoy family - I'll need to see the Fermoy tartan before I assent. One of the Lady Fermoys was the late Queen mother's lady-in-waiting. Apparently it was she who arranged for two of her granddaughters to date and, one to ultimately marry, the Prince. If I recall correctly, she wasn't speaking to Diana when she (Lady Fermoy) died as she never forgave Diana for the exposure of all the adultery and the subsequent divorce. You would think that a Fermoy would have agreed with me about Diana, but then I'm American and, therefore not allowed to say such things. A very good thing I'm not required by law to curtsey to the Queen.

Father M., there is almost always a story involved...

Mrs. Peperium

Oh buggers! Sorry Misspent. That thank you was for Monday Morning Buggery...

Mrs. Peperium

This is from Tina Brown per the social gaffe of saying it was dreadful of Diana to date Muslims when she had been married to the future King of England and future head of C of E with the faithful and not so faithful praying for her (until the divorce) by name in every church service plus her son will be head of C of E someday too:

"She took that final holiday with Dodi Fayed ""in part because of the gifts he lavished on her and the comfort she enjoyed aboard his father’s yacht, the Jonikal"".

"Multi-millionaire art collector Lord Palumbo, who was a close friend of Diana, tells Brown:" "She [Diana] just wanted to make the people at Balmoral as angry as possible.""


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