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March 05, 2008


Old Dominion Tory

Welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Peperium! I'm glad the weather cooperated with Mr. Peperium's wishes (Oh that boy!).
Thanks as well for the entertainment from Desi!

Mrs. Peperium

ODT, you did not pick a ghoul.


Old Dominion Tory

I did not pick a ghoul, Mrs. Peperium. Difficult to choose from the many suitable candidates. Sorry!

Robbo the Llama Butcher

I hang my head in shame as I seem to have missed the invitation altogether. I probably would have gone for the long shot: Chavez. In the sauna. With a "Greetings from Langley" poisoned blow-dart.

Mrs. Peperium

Perhaps I've not been clear. Anyone that wants to play for a chance of being Monarch for a day here, now is the time to name your ghoul. You can go with as many as 3 because we like it when ghouls kick the bucket.

So Robbo, you've got Chavez. Others are free to choose him as well.

Previous winners are also free to play again. Just pick new ghouls as well.

Elk, who is yours?


Mrs P, the smart money probably would be on Mugabe, who's getting up in years and reportedly has health problems. That, and the population of his capital is reduced to subsisting on any stray giraffes who happen to wander across the city limits.

But if I may I'd like to choose Chavez, too. The unholy alliances that Massachusetts' Michael Moore-like Democrats (Joe Kennedy et al) have struck with this Venezuelan tinpot, purely to score partisan points against the current US administration, will make it all the more satisfying from this vantage when he finally meets his just reward. What is a good Venezuelan cocktail (with or without capybara) to hoist to his demise?


Mrs. P,
You sound positively bubbly.

I'd think William of Orange and his wife Mary the far greater ghouls; because of the revolution they helped instigate, Catholics were denied the vote or to sit in Westminster, were refused commissions in the army, and the possibility of Catholic monarchy was forever ruled out in England. Elizabeth simply inherited the throne they unlawfully usurped...

I'll have to think a while on choosing my ghoul. Will get back to you on it...

Andrew Cusack

Robbo, given Langley's reputation, they'd probably suck instead of blow and end up killing themselves.

Mrs. Peperium

Andrew, can you photoshop?


I am so very ignorant of current events but my Ghool Pool pick is Hu Jintao. And here is a suitable epitaph for his tomb: "Made in China".


I think my original ghoul pool pick was Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. Alas, عمر حسن احمد البشير is a mere 64, so I don't have his age going for me. But I will stick with the original pick.

Andrew Cusack

I don't think so. I've never used photoshop, actually.


Is it cheating, or too cheeky, to pick "President" José Manuel Barroso?


BTW, I think I'll go with President Nguyễn Minh Triết...

Mrs. Peperium

Crackie, I thought you had assumed room temp with Castro. Glad to see you back on the active lists.

Jeremy, no it would not be cheeky...though it would be more advantageous if you want to win to select Gov. Eliot Spitzer. He's about to give up the ghost and he's quite ghoulish in more ways than one.

William A. Cubbedge

Dang it! I should have written in earlier and picked Spitzer!

I choose the Queen, President Kim of N. Korea, and Raul Castro.




It's almost a shame that Spitzer the corporate and moral crusader didn't do his miscreant's deeds in Florida. Then he'd be eligible for prison there -- roomed with Lord Black. Crossharbour's joy would be complete, the governor's misery perfected, and the resulting book brilliant.

To check my Schadenfreude, rather than pick the governor in order to be king, may I have Gaddafi as my second choice? A man who overthrows his king to govern seems a rather good definition of ghoul.

Old Dominion Tory

Up until Monday, Spitzer would not have been a good choice because the press was intent on casting him as a "crusader" because he wisely (cynically?) chose targets that the press disliked--e.g., anyone who lived better than them--and tamed them further by feeding juicy tidbits to pet reporters. In a sense, he treated them like the prostitutes he routinely abused--and they were content with the terms of the relationship.
I wonder if any of them feel dirty this morning.


Yep, Castro died, this not a figure of his surname i thought. I do leisure at Moscow jungle 'n enough of politics, i still miss sir Basil posts... in Russia always beeing on the far part of the world, how you kindly tell me, Prokofeyev 'n Chopen so attractive to hear i really dunno was your rest
like wedding trip?

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