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March 08, 2012


George Pal

It's long confounded me that the gaggle of American bishops well acquainted with the notion of 'occasion of sin' could be so blind to the notion of 'occasion of power'. For eighty years they have collaborated with the federal government in nearly every one of its power grabs made under the guise of social - security, justice, fairness, distribution, etc. Now it's come to bite them. Good.

The Catholic Church in America, after having conducted itself for eighty years in the certainty the world had no edge from which to fall seems suddenly to have been made aware of the existence of steep slippery slopes down which to slide. Well, better late than too late. One can only hope and pray this grim fairy tale has a happy ending such as - and the frog kicked the prelate turning him into a courageous prince (of the Church).


I can well understand how George Pal would say of the Catholic bishops "Now it's come to bite them. Good." The problem is, of course, that you can think of the bishops as trustees or fiduciaries who are responsible for their flock--Catholics and others supportive of the Church who have contributed over generations to build up Catholic institutions such as schools, hospitals and charitable agencies of every kind. The Leviathan State will, if the Obama administration is not stopped, wipe out the efforts of millions of people over generations dating back before the founding of this country. This goes far beyond the current set of American bishops--the tragedy for this country would be immense. I pray that this cup may pass.

Lord Cardigan, the emperior of newby galactics


that was cute blog, before
Alinsky came.

please, start with william Blake poetry.


George Pal


I should very much like to stop the Obama administration but I am certain that one episcopal encyclical read from the pulpit one Sunday will not do. I should very much like to see the Bishops light a fire under the Church, its parishioners, and all Christians. As kindling, I should like one such encyclical a week, to be read from the pulpit from Sunday next until the end of the year. I should like the letters make it known that, though Christianity is a religion of peace, it is militant in its defense of life, morality, and for Catholics, Catholic teaching. I should like the letters read and taught to students in Catholic parish schools. I should like the letters translated and posted on the internet for Catholics all over the world.

The very first letter, if I might suggest, might consist of the responsibility of Catholic public office holders and Catholics having public influence to uphold Catholic teaching or cease calling themselves Catholic if they will not. Such public officials (take note Madame Speaker Pelosi) and influence peddlers should receive personal letters from the Church making it known they may speak, act, and vote in defense of Catholic teaching or in defense of Catholic sinners but in choosing the latter they risk excommunication. The second and numerous other letters would not touch but would hammer on the abomination that is abortion.

Within a month or two I should expect it will have dawned on the Obama administration they had kicked one too many hornets nests, this last with hornets in it.

What I should like is what Mrs P, in response to one of my recent comments, called a showdown. If not now... then too late.

Mrs. P

Fear not -I've been working on a post precisely about this George!


George, I agree in every respect. The bishops will do much, much less than you suggest. But they may nevertheless make President Obama regret starting this war on the Catholic Church.

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