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March 27, 2012


S. Petersen

He's a bad guy; who knows what will come of it? Trouble is, Romney's no better--although seizing on a chance to show up BO, he has no principles to guide him. He just wants to be the winner, just like BO.
We either stop our irreligious course or cease to exist as a nation.

Mrs. P

I don't think it's fair to Romney to say he's the same as Obama. For one thing Romney has managed to have his wife live within their means.

Plus he's actually improved several neighborhoods around Boston and elsewhere with his community organizing skills at Bain and Staples.

He does want to win and he plays it safe - no doubt. But it's not all about him to the degree it is with Obama.

The Supreme Court is right now the front line on stopping our irreligious course. If they punt - then it's Romney. Or perhaps a brokered Republican convention...


Recovery???? What recovery. Had Obama let hgints alone we would have recovered with low unemployment and growth at or above 5%. His,"fixing," the problem is directly responsible for this mess and the arroance of him laughing at it no matter what the reason insults Americans who are struggling to survive in HIS economy.

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