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December 08, 2004



There is no "i", there is one of those curly foreign accent things, tho'.

Vida Externa

The proper spelling is "señor" with a tilda over the "n".

Vida Externa

Actually, it's "tilde".

Mrs. Peperium

Thank you gentlemen. See chivalry is alive and well in the blogosphere.
Outerlife, I have yet to read VDH's'Mexifornia' but am planning to at some point. Thnakyou for redirecting my tilde.
Mr. Baldwin, where do I find a tilde on my Mac?
Forgive me again Senor Ramos, not only did I forget Pearl Harbor but I forgot where my tilde goes. It must be the Sloe Gin...

the Cardinal's wife

Mrs. P, relax. Any mistakes you make can be corrected by the Jackal. They may be corrected in his usual condescending, whiney way but so what? Don't you think it's kind of fun when this guy goes into one of his adolescent rants?

Mrs. Peperium

That was a fascinating firsthand account on the attack of Pearl Harbor all you're interested in is what I think about the Jackal? You two must be having lunch at O'Dow's and are live-blogging. In that case go over to Blimpish's and set his house on fire. I've got Christmas decorations to put up.

le jackal

Since we all seem to have a grammar fetish today: Mrs. P (presuming you even exist and are not some invention of the old & lonely John Jackson), you have unnecessary periods near the end of paragraph 1. Meanwhile, paragraph 2 has an uncoupled parenthesis, is missing a definite article, and repeats the same pronoun twelve times. Earlier, "Pearl" was spelled as "Pear" though this seems to have been corrected. All my best.

Mr. Peperium

Pretty realistic, isn't she? Faults and all!

the Cardinal's wife

Mrs. P, don't go overboard on the Christmas decorations. The Grosse Pte. Arts and Croissants Club appreciates subtlety. Remember, lots of pink and green!

Chan S.

You can "ñ" (en-yay!) in TypePad by copying the character from Character Map (All Programs » Accessories » System Tools » Character Map). It took me several months of blogging, then helpful intervention from two blogreader friends, before I learned this trick. Cheers!

John Weidner

On a Mac, if you press Option-n, and then n, you get an ñ. Likewise é, and ü...

Mrs. Peperium

Thañk you. Now I'm a bad bi-lingual typist. Where do I find the Arabic alphabet on my Mac?

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