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December 07, 2004



But two odd people were able to find each other and breed little odd people! While I don't want to get started on this whole dating thing, my oddness scares away all the young women. I think they see visions of my little gutteral-tounged brood running around in sack cloth raining fire and brimstone down upon each other--at least that is what I see.

Is the Anonymous4 Christmas CD good? I picked up Chanticleer and find it middling. The A4 CD is third on my list, after Charlie Brown and the Carpenters double CD set. (I also picked up cheap copies of Leontyne Price and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf)

Mrs. Peperium

I can't say if A4 is good, but it is enjoyable. They were considered the end all be all ten years ago by the set of people that thinks they're super smart and tasteful. (Mr. P. has told me the four woman have since descended into goddess worship...) On Yoolis Night has an ethereal quality to it that reminds me of very cold wintery nights, heavy tapestries and warm adult beverages in tankards. The Carpenters don't quite measure up in that way - they remind me of shag haircuts, Dubonnet commercials and flocked wallpaper.
About women, they used to run screaming away from Mr. P too (ask him). We met at work. One of the cute blondes of the office told me Mr. P was strange because he read books without pictures. Aother office cutie said he read more than one book on the same subject. A fellow who preferred the company of men told me Mr. P. was 'really odd' because he wanted to be a 'poet'. This all made me extremely curious. After speaking with Mr. P. for just 20 minutes, I realized he was an intelligent well-read man. Something that is not necessarily valued by most today. When he speaks he makes (perhaps you'll recall)alot of literary and historical references not to show you how much he knows but to help make his point. If you are not someone who values reading, you'll quickly run the other way in tight shoes if necessary.
As I don't know you, I can't exactly say why the ladies are hightailing it away from you at breakneck speed. However, fear not, there is something known as 'Divine Intervention'. Mr. P. and I give Him more credit in making our marriage happen than our own intelligence.


Oh, I know what it is that keeps the ladies away...it is because I am just TOO HANDSOME.

No, really, it is because I am insane.

Mrs. Peperium

You're insane? I've just found out that I don't exist. I'm just a fabrication of Mr. P's. No doubt all part of his attempt to be the UberPoet. Where's that pretend bottle of Sloe Gin?
Do the children exist? Mr. Kimball might be disappointed for his son's sake. Mr. Kimball is real, isn't he?


You mean, of course "his attempt to be Der √úberdichter"?

Mrs. Peperium

If I were real I would know what that meant. Please translate.


Der dichter: the poet
√úberdichter: the super-poet.

I was just trying to show you my umlaut.

Fans of Schumann will recognize the etymology from his last piece in Scenes from Childhood (an adolescent pianist favorite), >: "The Poet Speaks," in which he unveils himself as the composer through subtle hints of his concert themes.

Mrs. Peperium

I don't think I want to know what umlaut is.

John Weidner

I think Misspent may be mis-leading you re Chanticleer. They are splendid. Living in San Francisco, we have opportunities to hear them live, a really big treat.

Try the CD: Psallite! A Renaissance Christmas

Mrs. Peperium

Maybe he's not misleading me. Rather it's a true case of the blind leading the blind.
Thanks for the real information.

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