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December 16, 2004



You should be happy to know that my mother now hates YOU! Ha ha ha ha. My father showed her your comments about her and she didn't take kindly to it being said that she "eats cat food". She heartily disapproves of my website and now she dislikes you. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

Mr. Peperium

No no no no. We never said she ATE cat food. We said she was passed out face-down in cat food after drinking too much. There's a big difference.


That's right, Misspent, your ol' mum was never accused of eating cat food. She was accused of imbibing a great many cosmopolitans which resulted in her passing out, face-first into the kitty bowl.

This unfortunate drinking habit was not something we made up, but was, in fact, revealed to us by none other than Pops himself. Although, I will admit that he never said anything about your mum drinking cosmopolitans. He said she goes for martinis (just as damaging I think you'll have to admit).

As for mum's "heartily disapproving" of your website, well, what can we say? Perhaps you'd best clean up your act. If you'd like, we can audit your site for a couple of months and, for a small fee, make recommendations as to what kind of changes you need to make. Think about it over the holidays and get back to us.

By the way, in the spirit of dispelling hard feelings, Hobbes sends his warmest holiday greetings to you, Pop, and your mum. And the next time Mr. and Mrs. P have an open house, your mum is welcome to all the martinis she can swallow AND a big bowl of cat food if she feels so inclined.


jacksonia in absentia perpetua poetastrium

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent, Merry Christmas. We got your mother off your back.

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