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December 31, 2004


Mrs. Peperium

Mr. P, it's not that I want to explore the relationship between Cordelia and Sebastian, I want to explore Cordelia (and her understanding) and Sebastian. Why is it that so many of us like this novel? Why is it that Cordelia believes God is closer to people like Sebastian and why she thinks there is a holy quality to Sebastian. Her remarks are quite contrary to one's conception of the Christian life, aren't they?
Anyway, it's New Year's Eve and we are spending it with the Cardinal and his lovely and still sober wife. We are still deciding the Cardinal's fate for letting you down. I think the Cardinal ought to be entombed (like a Pharoh's wife) with Susan Sontag. He would of course have all the mod cons like indoor plumbing and internet access. We would want him to be comfortable after all. Mr. P has other ideas.

the Cardinal's wife

Mrs. P., the Cardinal can't blog right now.
He and Mr. P. are listening to a George Melly CD sipping port. Waiting for Colin Powell to drop the ball I suppose.

Mrs. Peperium

Cardinal's wife, the men are ignoring us. They are prefering the port and jazz. We are relegating to amusing ourselves with the idea of Regis and Colin dropping the ball in Times Square. Remember when Colin was a dignified icon of the Left? Now he's been fired by Bush and hanging out with Regis. What's next? Is he going to DisneyWorld?
But hey, who am I to criticize, my husband currently finds a glass of fermented wine more preferable than my charms.

the Cardinal's wife

Mrs. P., yes they are ingnoring us. Their conversation has now turned to Chamberlain's
September 3rd speech to Parliament. And by the way, Regis has been to Disneyworld. I
think he does the Disney Christmas or Easter Parade. Hey, maybe we should see what Misspent is doing for New Year's Eve.
I'm sure we can get his attention.

Mrs. Peperium

Are things so bad that we want Misspent? I thought Regis and Colin were bad enough but atleast they are married. You can heave bricks by the half hour in Chicago's most populated districts without hitting a woman who wants to become Mrs. Misspent.


Alright, enough is enough. You two go in the other room and behave.

Misspent, I apologize for our wives. They will be severely spanked for their misbehavior.

What can I say? And after the lovely Christmas your mom and dad showed me.


In spite of Misspent's unchivalrous comments on my wife's proboscis, I do believe we crossed that invisible but very real line between the permissable and the impermissable about a mile and a quarter back.

Misspent, I do apologize. The spanking will be attended to; the Cardinal has this really big clerical paddle usually reserved for initiating new members to the Exaulted and Imperious Order of Mystic Welks.

the Cardinal's wife

Misspent, maybe she's still upset about the
nose comment on Stephenesque's blog.


"You can heave bricks by the half hour in Chicago's most populated districts without hitting a woman who wants to become Mrs. Misspent."

Too true, too true. Oh, you cut right to the heart of me. Now, if only I cared.

As for what I did on New Year Eve, or NYE as we kids call it, I spent it drinking hot chocolate with chocolate-flavored vodka and reading a Flashman book. Now, what women would not want to share in this life, I ask you???

Mrs. Peperium

Paris Hilton.


Flashman and chocolate vodka?

Marupa is on her way to Chicago, broken leg and all.

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