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December 21, 2004



Sorry, love, but business at DRC, Baker's, and O'Dow's comes first. (And then, I've been invited to spend Christmas at Misspent's parent's place.)

That leaves precious little time for your blog. --I knew you shouldn't have gone gallivanting off on a shopping and drinking expedition.

By the way, the content of your liquor cabinet wasn't all that interesting. And less so since Marupa and I have been there.



One other matter, Mrs. P. Your tail of the Bar Harbor spinster is remarkably similar to the parable of the sinning servant in Matthew 24:45-51 and Luke 12:42-48.

Well, if I'm a sinning servant, at least I'm not a plagiarist. (I will grant that you're plagiarizing is from a top drawer source.)

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