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December 07, 2004



Snippy reivew? Sounds like the tell-tale markings of the Jackal.

Mrs. Peperium

Snippy? It's snappy.

le jackal

The funny thing about reading on the internet: you think you've come to the last sentence of the essay, and then, you scoll down a little, and there's a whole other paragraph waiting; this happened about 10 times in reading this piece. Yeah, you don't like the ny times; we get it; you don't even read it; okay. You live in michigan -- i dont think the times really cares. but if you are going to criticize a book review, just for future reference don't throw in a sentence saying, "I admit i have not read the book . . ."; however smarmy the reviewer was, at least he did his homework. this is all smarminess but with nothing to stand on.

D. C. Burton

Bravo, Mr. P., I am off at once to purchase Mr. Gioia's new book.

By the way, I noticed that all the tweaking of the past few days did little to bring the Jackal forth, but one good post and he is out braying, green with envy. Quite funny actually. Poor fellow.


le Jackal is slipping... "scoll"? "dont"?


I'd say the NYT really cares about its Michigan readers. They make good money off of them outside readers.

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