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December 12, 2004


the Cardinal's wife

Mr. and Mrs's P's parties are not to be missed. Mrs. P is the Nigella Lawson of Grosse Pte., in fact she kinda looks like her. Please promise you'll serve your famous lamb sausage in puff pastry. Time

Mrs. Peperium

It's all day and night and we expect you to be prompt. What are you going to wear?

Mrs. Peperium

I forgot two things, Mr. P and I have an appointment at 9:30 a.m. that will go for an hour or so the party will not truly get rolling until after that. But since we are an international blog, we will leave the doors open, the bar well-stocked and the tables laden with food. So come when you like.
The second is that I've taken a page from the Clinton White House Christmas Parties and rung up Selfrigde AirForce Base. They are sending down a busload of Marines in dress uniform to pass the drinks and food. They will also be passing trays of all of the drink recipes ( we're not sure how to handle the 'College Special' yet) submitted so far, so get yours in before Wednesday, if you haven't already.

the Cardinal's wife

Don't know. But the Cardinal's tux is a bit snug.


Of course it's a bit snug, it was made for me. Now get back in your own closet.

Mrs. Peperium

Cardinal, are you still in your closet? There is alcohol to be consumed. Don't PETER out on us now...


Don't worry, I'm braced for the final charge to the finish line and the announcement of the big winner this Wednesday evening at your open house.


I'm not sure I fully understand this open house thing. Please explain. Not sure if we should intrude on the Cardinals/Peperium onanism going around here lately.

Mr. Peperium

That is a very weird comment.

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