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January 25, 2005



You'd better had, Mr. P.


I posted this without knowing that you did. Crap. At least you didn't do any Catholic crowing.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Bottum is a Catholic. He can also speak with authority on the Catholic writer Flannery O'Connor. He is the Poetry editor for First Things edited by the Catholic priest, Father Richard John Neuhaus. Father Neuhaus converted to Catholicism from the Lutheran church 14 years ago. He is a former pastor of prominence in the Lutheran church.


You're everywhere!!! It is a conspiracy!! Aaagh! (I am running away from my computer with my hands waving in the air above my head.)

Mr. Peperium

1) How can you do that and type at the same time?

2) Exactly what do you define as "Catholic crowing"?

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