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February 16, 2005



(Sir) Christopher Wren, surely?

Mrs. Peperium

Surely. Thank you Blimpish. I've gone balmy myself over this one. What do you think Lambeth Palace is doing -holding it's breath?


Your spelling of "barmy" is wrong - I'm amazed Blimpish did not point that out. Also,it would be quite easy for Windsor Castle to be granted a license to perform the marriage, and then simply refuse to allow any other ceremonies to take place after Charles' and Camilla's wedding - so granting of such a license doesn't mean that Blimpish could get married there. Monty obviously couldn't, since you made him up.

Mrs. Peperium

Wow Stephenesque. I meant balmy as in "Balmy Funghy Phipps". I didn't make Monty up. So sorry to get your back up.


Stephenesque, the spelling of balmy is correct. The English (and some in Boston) may pronounce it barmy, but the spelling is nonetheless BALMY!

It may be accepted (in more recent editions of dictionaries) to spell balmy as barmy, but the preferred spelling remains BALMY. Most good dictionaries will list barmy as an alteration of balmy.


With Stephenesque here, it would be barmy to spell the word barmy as balmy. I was too focused on the architecture, alas.


You may be with Stephenesque all you like, you are nevertheless incorrect. Balmy is the word. Barmy is the later corruption. As good dictionaries will point out.


One more thing. Mrs. P's example demonstrates what I mean. The Wodehouse character Balmy Whatever Phipps is named Balmy, not Barmy. He is named Balmy because he's balmy (perhaps you pronounce it barmy, but it's spelled balmy). Wodehouse didn't make up this spelling.

the Cardinal's wife

Stephenesque, I know Mrs. P., and Mrs. P. is no Monty.

Mrs. Peperium

Whoaa Nellie. You fellows are more upset about my spelling and smug Catholicism than the Prince having toget married on the High Street in Windsor. A Royal Wedding on the High Street? Let's have some perspective here. I meant balmy. I asked Mr. P. prior to leaving for work how to spell it and followed through on his direction. I must add that barmy works better on the pun of bonnie but I wasn't bright enough to think of it. I'm quite captivated by Balmy of Wodehouse fame and the Prince seems to resemble him more and more. Especially with the latest development of the registrar's office. I don't recall many church weddings in Wodehouse stories -just registrar's offices and nipping over to Barribault's for a wedding breakfast sans organic veg. Wodehouse may spell Balmy as Barmy, I can't recall because Mr. P and I have done the books on tapes since the children were born and we cancelled cable. Gosh. Inquisition time fellows and none of you are Catholics except for my defender, the Cardinal. Thank you Cardinal. Glad to see Misspent didn't kill you.


But how do you know it is really the Cardinal? I am skeptical.

The Cardinal's wife

Too many posts about Chuck. Where's Mr. P.?

Mrs. Peperium

Be quiet. If the Cardinal's not real, neither are you. Constitutional crisis only in England rarely happen so I am fixated for the moment.


Imagine my surprise to discover that I am the product of your lurid imagination, Mrs P? I also recall that you are the product of Mr P's imagination.

I am of the opinion that Stephenesque is the product of Blimpish's imagination. Both of whom are the product of Misspent's. And that barmy is the product of balmy's imagination.

If all of this seems to gain general acceptance, I am going to tell Glenna that Dr. Mortimer is the product of her imagination and, therefore, she never had any call to be upset with yours truly because none of what happened to her at my flat actually happened to her.

You know, I think I need a drink.


Oh, and this to Anony: I'm skeptical as well. In fact, I don't think the Cardinal ever existed. I think Enoch disappeared and became the Cardianl. And, Anony, I don't think you exist either.

the Cardinal's wife

Enough already. I know I'm real. And I know Misspent is real. (saw him with my own eyes). But I am beginning to wonder about the Cardinal.



Stephenesque is far to clever a fellow to be of my doing. Plus he pre-dates me on the web. You do him a great disservice by saying he is me. Same with Blimpish. Frankly I don't have the time to write such insightful, and sometimes dry, posts. Haven't you noticed that if I have posts that start out well, they end up faltering and falling into knee-jerk anti-foreign or anti-Catholic Popish snide comments?


I think your posts are just fine. And I think it was very clever of you to start out as Stephenesque prior to coming out as Misspent. It certainly threw me off. And everyone else as well, I'll bet.

Insofar as Blimpish goes...well, what can one say? He's everywhere all the time. I think it's fairly clear that Blimpish is a consortium of bloggers. I suspect he's made up of himself, Monjo, Cardinal, a couple of blokes from the shadow cabinet, D.C. Burton, and Mr P (which explains why Mr P is missing so much of the time). Of course, I don't know everyone who's a part of him, I suspect there are a few dozen.

And speaking of a few dozen, I believe it's time that old Monty headed up the High Street to take advantage of those who feel of an especially generous disposition this evening.

Will try to tap back in once I am settled.


David Pilcher

Sir Christopher Wren was not born in Windsor, but in East Knoyle, Wiltshire.

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