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February 04, 2005



Are you saying that Harry is just another lying liberal weasel Democrat?

Mrs. Peperium


Mrs. Peperium

Cardinal, you're a smart guy at times, why do they still continue to peddle such stories? Who are they trying to appeal to? Who is dumb enough to buy it? One thing about Daschle, he never pulled this stunt, did he? It is almost as if they are still running the Kerry campaign. Didn't John Edwards tell us his dad learned math on Sesame Street? His dad was actually a floorman in a mill and did fairly well by ratting out the ones who didn't pull their weight. Which was his job and he was right to do. It's just ironic given his son's philosophy. And remember, Kerry learned to curse on the back of a tractor. Hey, we missed you guys last night at the Bistro. Lou had five specials instead of the usual three- really superb. Plus he now has a local brewery brewing him a special lager. Did I hear correctly that you enjoyed some serious vintage grape the other night?

the Cardinal's wife

Did you have the sweet potato chips with
blue cheese? Delicious!

Mrs. Peperium

No, we had the Russet potato chips with fried oysters and the horseradish cream as an appetizer with some nut brown ale, Dan Quayle.

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