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February 16, 2005



I find something in this story fishy. The Aunts went to the University of Berlin at the turn of the century and they ended up PACIFISTS?

G. Pair

What to make of it? I suggest a Thermidor.

Mrs. Peperium

Mispent, I said they were odd. They were Holyoke girls and did their graduate studies there. Wait until I tell the tale of the family a few houses down who allowed their daughter to study psychology in Switzerland at about the same time. As a result, the island had a very famous visitor...Misspent, if I could feel so much guilt over a lobster, how much do murderers of human beings feel?
G. Pair, that's what I'm thinking. But what about Mr.P? He's immoveable on lobster. He'll eat it but not delight in it. If the Cardinal could be found (cough, cough) I could delight him with my lobster stew (with a brandy shooter). But he's disappeared since meeting with Misspent.

G. Pair

Perhaps if you cover it in nutmeg? Surely compromises can be found.


Mrs P, I am sitting here at The Soiled Kilt and having a few fingers of a finer single malt in dear old Otto's memory. And whilst I do so, I have been scrolling through your most revealing post on lobsters and the preparation there of. Which I am reading just shortly after having read the post of Mr. Cusack concerning Otto. Now don't get me wrong, I certainly do not mean to be in any way disrespectful, but what with all the discussion of lobster on the one hand, and what to do in the face of Otto's tragic demise on the other, I have come up with a bit of inspiration. What about Otto da thermidor?

We could prepare Otto like a lobster, invite all of his admiring fellow bloggers someplace appropriate, like Bratislava (certainly we'll avoid Chicago), and we can feast on him. Crispy Otto fingers in drawn butter, etc. Eh? What do you think?

Harry Bowles down the bar (an $#@%*) says I'm really sick. (He's a soliciter but I'm the one who's sick. Right.)


Mrs. Peperium

Only if G. Pair agrees to do the chopping.


What would Nigella say about that recipe?

G. Pair

Even with bechamel, long pig is an abomination. Much worse than lobster, even with its newly reported shell disease. Bratislava, however, is awfully close to Vienna, so I vote yes for a group memorial trip and I'll see you in the Karlsplatz.


Long pig? What is long pig? Are you calling poor Otto a pig? I think it's quite enough that we're proposing to eat him, I don't think we need to insult him to boot.

Now, if you were calling that @#%*& solicitor Harry Bowles a pig, well, I couldn't agree more.

(Edited by the establishment. We are a family blog.)

Mrs. Peperium

I'm aware of looed pig but long pig doesn't compute. Was Otto long in the tooth? Some would say yes.

G. Pair

Dear Mrs. P,

Be very glad that long pig doesn't compute. It's the pidgin for human as a comestible.

By the way, you missed one of Monty's @#%*&s a few comments back. Just to keep the air pure for discussions of cannibalism.

Mrs. Peperium

G. P., you're right. Many moons ago I was hired to give a cooking class to a posh garden club. They wanted to learn about Mexican food and what they could plant in their gardens. I gave a brief talk on the history of food going back to Aztec days. Bugsof all sizes and people were prominant staples. I still remember the women's faces as I told them how when cooked humans resembled pork. Thanks about Monty's comment prior comment. I'll fix it.

the Cardinal's wife

This is getting really sick.

Mrs. Peperium

Atleast I'm not making spelling errors or making fun of the most brillant man on earth, Prince Charles.


I'm sure Mr P is glad to know he's only 'second'.

Mrs. Peperium

He's tickled.

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