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February 08, 2005


G. Pair

It'll take me all of Lent to stud that second orange with kitchen string. Thank goodness it's optional.


Mrs. P, you're teasing me almost beyond endurance.

Let me take a guess...

1) Pour the vodka in the canning jar.
2) Drink the vodka in the canning jar.
3) Squeeze the first orange into a glass.
4) Mash up the 22 sugar cubes and the 44 coffee beans and add them to the orange juice.
5) Drink for breakfast the next day.
6) Take the studded orange on a kitchen string and beat the cat to death.

Am I close?

Mrs. Peperium

Very close. That's the Scottish version. How are you Monty? We've missed you and all of your escapades. Any new stories? Have you ever met Gloria Steinhem?


I have never met Gloria. But I did once have the good fortune to spill a glass of California Cabernet on Patricia Ireland at a reception in New York. I will be glad to tell you about it someday, but right now I have to refill my canning jar with vodka and have another go at your recipe -- or my interpretation of your recipe.


Mrs. Peperium

I would very much like to hear that story.

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