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February 18, 2005



Mrs. P, thanks kindly. Highly intelligent and extremely creative are lovely compliments. However, I doubt the Cardinal will feel similar gratitude for being labeled a foul-mouthed tippler (you probably should have sent that bit in a private email to Stephenesque).


The fact that something appears in The Times does not make it right. Usually quite the opposite, in fact. Still, you will probably swallow hook, line and sinker whatever Mark Steyn thinks about the issue anyway. And he, too, just makes stuff up most of the time. The man should stick to what he does best, reviewing musical theater productions.

Mrs. Peperium

I'm off to drive my imaginary children to their imaginary doctor to for her to check for imaginary ear infections. No doubt she will write an imaginary prescription for imaginary drugs and then I'll drive to the imaginary pharmisist's. He'll take his time in filling the imaginary prescription and even put an imaginary dinosaur sticker on the bottle because he knows my imaginary children love that. And somehow it will make it all of this that much more real and imaginary at the same time. Then I have to go to the imaginary grocer's to get an imaginary bottle of chocolate sauce so the chilren, who are still imaginary, will take their imaginary medicine. Also, since these imaginary ailments have derailed our imaginary dinner plans with our imaginary friends the Cardinals at that imaginary establishment, Dick O'Dow's, I need to pick up a few real dinner items for Mr. P, since he is the only one who is real, he needs substenance to keep up his imagination for his blog. He's really disappointed that he will not be lifting a few imaginary pints with the imaginary Cardinal and discussing the Misspent. Has Misspent become imaginary too? After all of that I'll be back to deal with hook, line and sinker charge of Mr. Baldwin's.

Mrs. Peperium

Mark Steyn has yet to weigh in on the High Street wedding of Prince Charles but one can guess the line he'll take. He'll talk of the elderly ladies of Windsor who on April 8, 2005 will walk to the High Street to purchase a few pairs of knickers and upon emerging from the shop will be just in time to see the parade of black Silver Shadow Rolls-Royces who have driven 100 yards from Windsor Castle. Out will jump the Duke of Edinburgh in top hat and tails, the Queen in something pastel with matching pocket book to be witnesses for the first registrar office nuptual of a King of England. This is quite a feat. A credible arguement can be made that the C of E came about as a church and institution to fit an earlier King's marriage pecadillos. And now future King Fred and his consort Gladys have advanced things to where that the same church can't even find a way to marry them. But be of good cheer England, Fred and Gladys will be glowing. Oh, that's right, it's post 9/11 so there won't be anyone allowed to be on the street. Not only will the shops have to pick up the tab for the extra security, they won't be allowed to open for business. Since the Royal family stopped ruling England, a large part of their role is to be a boon for business. They are paid well for this booniness. Charles first wedding was an enormous boon with tourism, souvenir plates and mugs. Will Royal Doulton be putting out any mugs for this one?? Probably, but will they be wanted? This is probably why the Queen decided not to allow Charles to serve his own organic produce from Highgrove. Someone's got to make some money off this wedding, even if its just one or two farmers. As far as swallowing hook, line and sinker what Mark Steyn says I would answer no. We only swallow hook, line and sinker what Roger Kimball and James Panero say.


Mrs P, now that I am a product of your over-ripe imagination, do you think you might dream up a large glass of Macallan for me to drink? Better yet, a bottle? Maybe even a case. I mean, what's a case to an imagination like yours?

And perhaps I could drink it on a beach -- make that in a lovely little cottage on a beach. And with a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair who admires my good looks and all of that intelligence and creativity you were nice enough to bestow upon me. Come on, it's the least you can do for me now that I'm non-existent and all.

Mrs. Peperium

I'll be happy to Monty. You're now in a 12 room beachfront villa in Bermuda complete indoor plumbing and staff and a large wine cellar. Bermuda is probably the best place for you as they will understand you. They took care of Edward the VIII for quite some time, didn't they? As far as the lady goes you must imagine that. I don't want to end up in mortal sin. Oh, guess what? Dr. Mortimer is no longer incontinent.

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