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February 16, 2005



Mrs. P, thank you for your notice. I have posted my sympathies on Otto's site, lowered the blue banner to half staff, and intend to salute Otto's memory this evening at The Soiled Kilt. (Glenna has agreed to allow me back in the Kilt, so to speak, because I have assured her that the unfortunate event that took place at my flat was entirely owing to the incontinence of Dr. Mortimer and quite beyond my control or knowledge. --I have also sent her a dozen roses.)

By the way, I couldn't help noticing that you mentioned Misspent's name in connection with the matter of Otto's demise. Am I to understand that Otto was in Chicago? Is this another disappearance like Enoch's? And aren't your friends, Mr and Mrs Cardinal, in Chicago? Certainly hope they don't end up like Enoch and Otto. Until these matters are cleared up, I think I'll keep Chicago off the itinerary when Gordon and I head to the states on business in April.

Well, here's to Otto. Salute and fairwell.

Mrs. Peperium

Monty, glad to hear you patched it up with Glenna. All it took was a dozen roses? Are roses rare in your neighborhood or is she that fond of you? Until we can figure out what happened to the Cardinal and his Wife, it's probably best to avoid whatever city Misspent is in. He supposedly travels during the week. So you and Gordon have business in the U.S? What type of hotels does Gordon prefer or does he make you stay with distant cousins? It is too bad about Mr. Otto. Misspent has not been cleared in his death. He could have been in Bratislava (sp?) that day. Good for you for lowering the banner. The old club spirit, Otto would like that. They haven't redecorated lately have they?

Andrew Cusack

His link shall remain so long as my website does, and I have even been tempted to print the obituary in the next edition of the newspaper I edit (http://andrewcusack.com/mitre).

I am sifting through ecclesiastical canons to see whether it is appropriate to have a requiem Tridentine mass said for a deceased nom de plume.


Mrs. P, I was referring to the flag of Scotland, not some club. And seeing as how I personally have no such flag, I had to go three doors down and lower a neighbor's --a rather ornery Scot Nationalist by the name of Mackenzie. He'll allow you to lower the flag in anyone's name (other than the royals) so long as you buy him a whisky.

On the matter of roses. I am not aware that Glenna has ever received roses from anyone. And they are rather rare in the village as a matter of fact. And, yes, they were quite dear.

About Gordon and hotels. He prefers expensive ones that cater to his whims. Which is dandy with me if I'm with him and he's footing the bill.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Cusak it is an honor to have you gracing our website. Welcome. Please comment often. We're in the process of convincing Blimpish to develop the desire for baptism (otherwise it might not take.) and could use some help. Now that he is so thrilled with HRH's marriage, C of E is probably the right route for him. Mr. P has been meaning to link to you for some time : Such simple tasks are beyond me. I would definitely print the obit as it is one we should all aspire to excepting perhaps the body parts and the Black Market.
Monty, I really do mess it up don't I? I think you hunt but you don't. I think you have a club but again no. So sorry. You must have enjoyed Mr. Otto's website if it's demise is causing you to buy someone a whiskey. I didn't realize Scotsmen had whims. What are they?
By the way two Scottish visitors. Has to be a record somewhere.


I received an e-mail from the Cardinals today. You are your games, it is enough to drive a man to drink. Oh. I've never thought of it that way. Do please keep it up.

Mrs. Peperium

Did you ever think that is why Monty is so fond of this site?

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