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March 11, 2005


Ms. Rodham

Just wait'll I'm president. I'm gonna ruin your husband's career. Send your kids to a foster home. And get you locked up in a looney bin.

Think I can't do it, hunh? Think again. Think about what I did in Arkansas.

Have a nice day.

Mrs. Peperium

You couldn't even keep your hound dog of a husband on the porch at night in Arkansas.

Madame President

You're just digging your own grave, sister.


A face to launch a thousand ships
- does that imply being so ugly the sailors are desperate to escape
or being so beautiful that men would die to protect a woman that wondrous?

Mrs. Peperium

It means being so beautiful she'll naturally get votes. Democrats tend to go for attractive candidates rather than qualified ones. It's leftover thinking from the Camelot days of Kennedy. Think John Edwards.

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