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May 23, 2005



Wonderful essay, Mr. P. I liked that "well-regulated mind" phrase. I wonder if another phrase might be just as appropriate: "a well-educated heart". I believe E.M. Forster coined it. Also, I came across an article in the magazine First Things, entitled "Jane Austen, Public Theologian", which you and Mrs P. may find instructive. It can be accessed through the Internet.

Mrs. Peperium

frml, thank you, I looked up that article and have begun to read it. It is very good and gives one much too think about. I have a not so vaugue recollection of reading it when it was originally published. We used to link to First Things and National Review but they both somehow disappeared. Mr. P will link to them again.

Mr. Peperium

A much-belated thank you from me, too, frml. The wide gaps between my posts should give you a fair idea of the time I have to spend on the blog. Responding gets even less attention from me which is not right because the whole point of starting this for me was to get the kind of conversations going that are not possible in our neck of the woods. Nevertheless, there it is.

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