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May 24, 2005



I'd give my right arm and eye for a "re-enactment" with that Mrs Hamilton, oh yes, make no mistake about it ...
... just thought I'd lower the tone for a moment.

Mrs. Nelson

You do realize the woman had to go to Bath to bathe because of large, red scaly patches don't you? Perhaps if my husband had had both eyes he wouldn't have been led so far astray.

Mr. Peperium

Yeah, yeah I know...rum, sodomy and the lash, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Bacardi Gold, etc. I like my heros with foibles. It makes them easier to immitate.


I say, you have gotten something of a coup here. What with Lord Nelson writing for your blog.


yes but everyone had large, red scaly patches back then, especially the, er, more "active" ladies.

Mrs. Nelson

Mrs. Hamilton wasn't active. She was insatiable.

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