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May 20, 2005



If God so hates the world that he allows me to father children (pity the woman that must suffer my advances), I will be sending them to school in a time machine. The boys will have long curls until they are five and they will wear shortpants while the girls will wear dresses and not speak until spoken to.

All of my children will be treated with distain except for the eldest, who will be my pride and joy. He will die young, leaving me helpless and alone while I attempt to ingratiate the second son. He rejects my attempt to curry his favor after years of neglect and asserts himself at the behest of my brood (including the bastard child I had with the milkmaid, whom I have been supporting and sending to lesser public schools). After a tragic and explosive scene in the dining room, my wife turns on me, siding with her children. I am cast out into the world where I will die a long, poor, and consumptive death regailing all who are misfortunate to be at my side with stories of my dear, lost son.

(Music swells, camera swings out. Aaaand, scene.)

Steve M.

I fear this "All-Ivy" will soon have its counterparts, including the "All 'Catholic' Colleges" competition. By the way, this may be the first time I have ever seen an officially joint posting by Mr & Mrs. P. This means that, on this topic, you folks really are ready to go to battle stations. Let the good tanks roll.

Enoch Soames

What do you mean by "You go, Roger"? Is this some sort of slang, or, do you actually wish him to go to some unspecified place? And what of the "Let's Roll" of the title? What does this mean? Is this Woodstock? should we break out the bongos and lava lamps? Four dead in O-hi-o...(I for one wish there had been more, poor shooting I say). I pray that it is not some sort of slang you hear middle-class white women using in order to seem "hip" after picking it up from watching Ophah, or, reading Cosmo at the local beauty parlour...The use of this type of "language" by highly educated people like yourselves proves that re-taking the educational system is just one small step in a much larger struggle. The television (read mass media) must also be turned off, and that I fear, is a much more powerful and dangerous enemy.

Mrs. Peperium

I'm sorry my dear Mr. Soames. You were correct that they were my words and my husband humoured me by keeping them in. The fault lays not with television, but with the United States military. The Blue Angels to be exact. I took the children out to watch them practice at Selfridge Air Force base and they heated my blood just ever so slighty. I must admit that had I been born in earlier time that I would have liked nothing better than to have my likeness painted on the nose on a United States bomber.


My little heart went pitter patter when I envisioned Daisy Cutter on the nose of a bomber. There's an entire website about this.


So are you Dragon Lady? Hell from Heaven? Tail Wind? Leading Lady? Heavenly Body?

Enquiring minds really have to know. Card's wife, I expect you to step up to the plate here. Mrs. P will be too modest, I'm sure.

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