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June 09, 2005


Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

Does Mrs. P know the price of a gallon of milk?

the Card's wife

No. But she knows the price of a fifth of gin.

G. B. Fitzhugh

What is Mrs. P's real name?

the Card's wife

Wanda Bielkowski.

Frank Sinatra

Bow ties? Poetry readings? The New Criterion?

Dear Mrs. C, I gotta know: Why would a swinging chick like Mrs. P marry someone who's gay?

the Card's wife

Dear Mr. Sinatra, I know Mr. P. and Mr. P. is not gay.

Frank Sinatra

Makes his own Sangria? Give me a break.

Oscar Wilde

What is the relationship between Mrs.P and Mr. Soames?

the Card's wife

Just sex.

But in nineteenth century costume.

Omar the Turk

Does Mrs. P really wear cutoffs?

the Card's wife

Only for Mr. Soames.

Usually, Mrs. P wears a simple house dress.
(Stockings up or rolled down depending on the heat.)

Mr. Peperium

What are you doing to our blog? And more importantly, what are you doing to my wife? How does all this square with our mission statement, to discuss politics and religion in a serious way while gleefully skewering liberals and eviscerating Protestants?

Use one side of one sheet of paper for your answer.

Misspent's Mother

You've done a pretty good job eviscerating my son. Granted he was never really right in the head since the day he was born but that's beside the point.

You people disgust me more than you disgust John Slawsworthy IV esq.

the Card's wife

I know that wasn't Misspent's Mom. You see now that I'm in charge I can see who 's posting under what name.

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