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August 19, 2005


Mortimer Shy

Do you ever say anything that isn't based on a criticism of the so-called left? And do you really think you are an ordinary person who represents "us." It seems to me you are belligerent crackpot, a smug idealist living in the good old imaginery days, a typical prickly Republican--but I know that is just your writing being ineffective, and that you really aren't and won't go up in smoke at the mere suggestion.

Steve M.

Mrs. P,
At this point, I think Reverend Tom Miller should serve up a little intellectual honesty. I would not want Rev. Tom to feel anyone was calling for censorship, but simple truth is still, I think, a permissable ground for requests. If he would just arrange for a statue of an enthroned figure to be put at the high altar, no art teachers or other visitors would enter his "Cathedral" in a mistaken assumption about who is to be worshiped there. Based on the look of artist Diane Victor at her web site as linked above, I think she could be counted on to provide a respectful depiction of Old Scratch seated in regal fashion.

Mrs. Peperium

Steve M., I'd hate to see her interpretation of 'regal'.

Mitsy V

My goodness, Mr Sty is certainly in a bad mood. My grandson told me there are many people like that on the blogs.

Oh well, cheer up you angry little man. Life's too short. Have a Mars bar or something.

Perhaps you should just go home and take an aspirin.

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