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August 17, 2005



Feeding the Cardinal's mistrust of me, I turned out to be THE UNITED NATIONS!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I went back and tried to change my answers but I cannot honestly answer them any other way. Perhaps this is why I am so self-destructive--I don't believe that I should exist.

Speaking of the UN, I am going to be in New York City this weekend. Anything fun going on?

Mrs. Peperium

Now everyone wants to take an uptown bus with Steve M. and Andrew Cusack. Actually, I'm sure they'll be delighted to take you to Mass.


No Mass, thank you.

Steve M.

Exactly--Mass at St. Agnes, located on 43rd Street between Lexington and Third. Sunday at 11 PM is the Traditional Latin Mass, with a 12:30 PM Mass in English.

Mrs. Peperium

Followed by a Viking funeral for Misspent in the Turtle Pond. You can have a kayak fedexed from L.L.Bean. Stuff it full of M80's and bottle rockets and strap the comatose Misspent on (the incense knocked him out)and toss a lit match, and send him off to the Great Firery Lutheran Beyond. I'll be happy to fedex a hamper of appropriate comestibles to watch "the happening".


The friend I am visiting is going to drag me to her mega-church, Presbyterian or something like that. She is a big fan and supposedly the dude we are seeing in concert on Sunday night sometimes attends.

Steve M.

Alas, that megachurch could use one of those Lebowski bumper stickers: "The Dude Is Not In."
By the (puzzling) way, I, too, turned out to be La belle France. At least the test does not establish which era, so I will opt for something pre-revolutionary. Speaking of revolutions, you must have had one on your hands by the time you got to point six in your Maureen Dowd post. Or, while you typed, were the little Ps pacified in some manner...perhaps by Marupa sharing her new cache of coconut rum?


The Vatican.

Mrs. C

I'm Turkey. The Card is France. Now excuse me while I go put on my headdress.

Mark C. N. Sullivan

South Africa. Where is my pith helmet?

Mrs. Peperium

Irish Elk, we saw your remains at the Peabody Museum. Why are you shoved in the corner? You're such a noble-looking set of bones.

I hope the new job is going well and the commute -yikes!

Andrew Cusack

The United Nations, what utter rot! I was severely disappointed in the quality of most of the options however, and am convinced as to the uselessness of this quiz. My country is New York anyhow.

And Mrs. P, make those Dutch Revival farmhouses! Leave the Greek Revival to those heathen deists down the street.

Mrs. Peperium

Truth time; the first time I took this quiz I came out as the U. N., then South Africa, then the U.K. and then France. The Cardinal was first Egypt, then Zimbabwe, then something else and finally France.

Mr. Cusack, are you aware that Dutch Apple pie is the Cardinal's favorite? He'd probably like a thick slice of it daily on the Dutch Revival porch with his wine (he doesn't drink gin unless forced by necessity -nothing else being available on the drinks tray) in your America.

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