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September 27, 2005


Mark C N Sullivan

One of the Ubangees, Algonguin branch:


This Ubangee thing is quite interesting. I wonder if I could get the barkeep to set up a row of whisky shorts if I drank them this way? I mean, there is definitely some entertainment factor here, isn't there?

Come one! Come all! See the Amazing Monty down a dozen whiskies Ubangee style!

I'd practice at home first, but I'm afraid of spillage, which I'd never forgive myself for.

Mrs. Peperium

Irish Elk, thanks for the pics. That looks like the Big D sweater that will be adorning the banks of the Charles River 3 Sundays from now. I do like them it's just they're like seersucker, only certain types could pull them off.

Monty, Ubangees were a hysterical but messy business. I have a feeling you would have gotten along very well with my grandmother. Monty, have you ever done an upside down marhgarita?


I don't drink Margaritas unless there is nothing else alcoholic available -- in which case I'd even drink after shave lotion. And, in fact, have. Not bad either. And your breath is delightful.

Mrs. Peperium

Old Spice?


Nothing that expensive.

Oh, and then there are the delights of cough medicine to be considered.

But enough of all that. You'll begin to think of me as some sort of stingy, drunken old sod who never bathes. And I do bathe... every other day.

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