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September 29, 2005



Remember to recite your Rilke over the pot.

Steve M.

Don't know how to break this to you, but the Secret Service does google searches evey day. "I'll go shoot the BAD BUSHES!" will get you a knock on the door, probably just as you are serving that Lentil and Brown Rice Soup. Sorry.

Mrs. Peperium

Well as long as they use the doorbell that will be fine. We just put in a new front door a few months back and I'm very fond of it.

Mrs. Peperium

Did you see over at Misspent's we found out what Bunny Smedley wore to TNC party at the Travellers Club last week?

Steve M.

I didn't see it--I am too busy trying to annoy Irish Elk at his blog.

Misspent Life

You bought Bertie a GUN? Isn't he a little young to have a cap gun? I wasn't allowed to have guns, period when I was a child.

And RKFDIL bought a bag of plastic rats? Ew.

Misspent Life

I met Quicquid.

Mrs. Peperium

Did QQ cook you dinner?

Is Little Bertie too young to be packing heat?

1. No, because I am not married to a mobster or a yahoo.

2. Little Bertie has a tough job ahead of him; he has to grow up to be a man. He will in just a matter of time have to be the head of a home as well as provide for a wife and loads of little Catholic children. So at this point we must treat him as if he's capable of some responsibility. Guns do teach responsiblity. They also help with his moral instruction - horrors of all horrors.

3. Cap guns are fun. I had one when I was four and Mr. P had two. Back then cap guns were better because the caps came in rolls of papaer. If you didn't feel like shooting a gun you could just unroll the caps on a rock and bang on them with another rock. Marvelous fun.

As far as the rats, I thought eew too. But they are cute.


You should post a moving into your first home recipe for Our Blimpish.

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