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September 24, 2005


Steve M.

I am not sure this is what you had in mind when you called for "intellectual curiosity." But: what is a "traffic person"? (I considered doing a google, but then I thought--Ask Mr. P.)


Sadly, while I am a big fan of PG I read his books so quickly and foraciously that I often fail to get references to his books. Perhaps having the luxury of "reading" on tape allows one to remember the lines better, much like being able to remember lines from movies is much easier than from a quick read of a book.

But that gets to my problem of having a mind that works to remember big trends and not little events from readings. I need to finish my soup now or else it will get cold.


You know "brainstorming" is no longer deemed to be politically correct, don't you? (I'm not making this up.)

Mr. Peperium

Steve M: a traffic person is an odd thing in these days of computerized and automated everything. They run the ads from writer to art director to account person, letting them all check the words or the pictures or the legal disclaimers and then signing off on them. They really are the last gasp of the old way and I like them because I don't see how their function can be digitized.

Ok, Blimpish, I'm afraid to ask but I guess I'd better. How...in what concievable manner...in what possible form could the term "brainstorming" be considered offensive...and to who, exactly? The mentally deficient?

Personally the term annoys me for the same reason the old Apple computer ad campaign annoyed me. It featuted, if you recall, pictures of folks like Einstein and Sinatra and the only copy line was "think different". Yes, the cracked grammar was stupid, but it sounded stupid in that I'm-so-cool-I-don't-have-to-obey-the-rules way that rock stars and divas do so well. No, the thing that got me was what underlay the whole campaign: the unspoken notion that, if we all just re-adjusted our thinking a little, we too could become billionaire pop icons or Nobel-winning physicists. Forgetting, of course, that Einstein, so far from using a computer, did it all with paper and pencil. In the same way, if you attend a "brainstorming" session, you must have a brain to storm. This is far from the case where I come from.

I always like to think of "brainstorms" not as thunder and lightening shooting from one's cranium but more as the storming--the assault--of one's brain by people who have catered lunch and thereby feel entitled to shut the doors of a conference room for three hours and harry you with pointless questions.

Mrs. Peperium

Blimpish, at the TNC party, which one was dressed soberly? You or the Panero?

Mrs. Peperium

Steve M., speaking of google, we are number 4 or 5 for metrosexual cocktail. Did you know that most metrosexuals consider the 'cosmopolitan' to be a 'chick's' drink? These guys are smart. The 'cosmopolitan' was invented to be a girl's drink. What kind of a guy would be seen holding a big pink drink in a triangular-shaped glass? Also, Skyy Californian Vodka is the metrosexual vodka, in case you were wondering which vodka is considered such.

The recipe for a metrosexual;

Fill a glass with ice. Then add;

3/4 oz Mount Gay Mango rum
3/4oz Bacardi Orange rum
1/2 oz banana liqueur
Top off with a 'splash' of pineapple juice.

Now Blimpish, would you happen to know why we are receiving 15 to 30 hits a day from France and Spain for 'Heart Google"? What these heart google seekers end up seeing are Mr. Panero's pigs' backsides.

Steve M.

Mrs. P: I could not find your site listed anywhere when I tried to follow your suggested path. I also took the opportunity to ask Geeves, and he didn't list you either. But Ask.com may be peeved with your husband.
Mr. P: So, taking my cue from the ad man juror in 12 Angry Men (original), a "traffic person" is the one who actaully is tasked to "see who salutes" when an ad agency "runs something up the flag pole."

Mrs. Peperium

Oops. Sorry to mislead you. "Metrosexual Cocktail Recipe" is where you will find us. Do you think they garnish that drink with a feather?


Cocktail. Metrosexual. Cocktail. Snicker, snicker.


Mrs. P: I forgot to get back on this one. Alcohol intervened. And lots of young student girls entering town. In answer to your queries:

"Brainstorming" is, I am told, unPC because they've more recently found that epileptic fits are started by an electrical storm on the brain.

Now, what's hilarious about this is that, of course, epileptics don't actually experience their fits as an electrical storm. Which is why my Dad, who is (in a very light way) epileptic, thinks this is ludicrous.

I agree entirely that the notion of brainstorming is nauseating - it's all part of the "creativity" cult today, a completely unscientific (ex nihilo nihili fit, after all) obsession so typical of late modernity.

Re the TNC party - I was dressed very soberly. I'm a very straight-laced type of guy, y'know.

Mrs. Peperium

Young girls probably appreciate homeowners...

If you were sober, what was the Panero?


I might try that chat-up line... I take possession in TWO DAYS!

The Panero was (as best I recall) wearing a sort of light brown coloured suit with a vague, broad check over it.

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