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September 28, 2005


Steve M.

If only you had photos on your blog, we (that's the Royal, or "black stripe," we) could demand to be shown this ABC wall of yours. My other reaction is that if I were to come across a shirt I had owned in 1985, my daughters would not need to call the fashion police (who they have on speed dial). No need, since such a hypothetical shirt would never fit.

Mrs. Peperium

I have already stated that things are not as they once were.

big spaniel

At the University of Michigan in the early 1980s (and at other institutions, I am sure) there was something called "blue jeans days" or something like that. You were to wear your blue jeans in support of gay rights. People not wearing blue jeans were labled "homophobes." Well, I am not a homophobe, but I also did not and do not still own a pair of blue jeans. I favor more khakis and Levi's cords, brown or gray (do they make those anymore?). Somehow I was able to walk through the diag unscathed that day despite this campaign.

Mrs. Peperium

That's because you never saw the piece of xerox paper with "homophobe" written in big black letters taped on your backside.

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