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October 31, 2005


Steve M.

If you are going to become slavish follwers of Andrew Cusack, the least you could do would be to follow his lead and post pictures of yourselves in your scary get up.

Mitsy C. V.

Mrs. P, please clear a few things up for me.

First of all, I had understood from one of your previous statements that your husband was going to be dressed as some Italian gentleman for Halloween. While I feel certain that Mr. Cussack is a fine young man, his name is definitely not Italian. I believe the name you gave previously was something that sounded like Palermo or Pernino or Panero. (I thought it was the name of an Italian town.) You said that Mr. P would be dressed up in seersucker just as Sr. Palermo does when he goes on a picnic in Central Park. I remember this quite distinctly because I recall wondering who would have the courage (or perhaps lack of good sense) to go into Central Park for a picnic or anything else for that matter.

And my other question pertains to your own plan to dress as Mr. Cussack's lady friend. I clicked on your light blue lettering and it took me to a story about something in Europe. In any event, the only picture I could find over there was one of a bar maid holding a great deal of beer. Where is the picture of Mr. Cussack's lady friend?

Why would someone dressed as Sr. Pandero be accompanying Mr. Cussack's lady friend? This is all very confusing.


We're attending a Halloween party this evening at OHCC. I will be going as Antonin Scalia. My lovely wife will be attending as Clarence Thomas. We have hired a driver (who we are paying a bit extra) to accompany us with his wife dressed as Senators Schumer and Feinstein --who we will both verbally and physically abuse throughout the evening.

Card's wife

Cardo, I thought you wanted me to dress as a French maid?


I do. I want you to go as Clarence Thomas dressed as a French maid.


I understand that Quicky and Misspent are going to a Halloween party in D.C. this evening. Quicky is going as a computer geek and Misspent is going in drag as Ms. Spent.

Sr. Pandero

Cardo, I see you're already ahead of the Italian wave and have appropriately adapted your name. Here's a look and a drink for both Mr. Cusacks the Scalito Bros. would approve of;


Word is that the Kennedy and Sons bootleggers' van is filled to the brim with Moretti and set to deliver to the Supreme Court commissary in time for today's lunch.

Ted Kennedy

I'd like to see Clarence Thomas dressed as the Cardo's wife dressed as a French maid. Can I go as Feinstein dressed as Schumer? I've got better ankles than her.

Pasty Ireland

Excuse me, but Ted you are required to be out in front of the Supreme Court at 4pm today to protest the Samuel A. Alito nomination. As Alito will roll back the rights for women in this country and send women back into the back alleys, we plan on burning our bras to send a message we won't go back into the alleys. We're feminists, we're here and we're topless. Don't forget to bring your bra Teddy.

Ted Kennedy

I rather watch Clarence Thomas burn his bra.

Andrew Cusack

I always wished someone would have an 'Assasins' theme party so I could finally have an excuse to dress up as Graf von Stauffenberg (one-armed and with an eyepatch, pretty cool). I figure my date could go as Charlotte de Corday.

Ted Kennedy

"In Justice Alito's America women would probably be expected to cook dinner now and then. Maybe even mop or feed the dog."
--T. Kennedy
President, Chappaquidik League for Womens Justice, Swimming Lessons & Cocktails

Lady Macbeth

You name the country club and Mac and I'll be there. Now that Italians are in, Iago may show up too.

Lady Macbeth

That comment was directed to my Scottish fiend, The one-armed Cusack.

Steve M.

Andrew, I think desperate times call for...you, yourself, to throw the "Assasins" theme party. Although such an action on your part will probably come out if you ever need to go through a Senate confirmation. Assasins make some pols nervous.

Maureen Dowd

Another villainous white male Catholic wop on the Supreme Court. I just can't stand it. I don't know what aspect of this man I hate the most, his being a man, his being a Catholic, or his being a conservative.

It's just not fair. This has been going on ever since I didn't get asked to my senior prom.

I'm sorry, I have to go in the other room, make myself a drink, castrate the dog and blindly scream at the top of my lungs out of my apartment window.

Mrs. Pepeium

Surely that must be a pied a terre, Maureen. Or feminism frustrated your goals more than you realise yet.

Ted Kennedy

Maureen, what are you gonna wear tonight? Maybe we could get together and discuss ways to "Bork" this hate-monger Sam Alito. You know, I'm on you side in this thing, babe.

How about a little dinner at the Capitol Grill, some after dinner drinks at an intimate little spot I know in Georgetown, and then a midnight swim at my new indoor pool.

Could be fun, toots! Just give me a ring at the usual place (tell them I'm in booth two with Chris Dodd).

P.S. I can really get into an angry dame. So com'on, let er rip.

Maureen Dowd

Sure. A little waitress sandwich would lift me out of the dumps and make me feel like a modern woman again. Tell Chris to use lite mayonaise this time. That full fat stuff goes straight to the thighs at my age.

Maureen Dowd

Dear Mrs. P, how would you like to have bloody ditches clawed into your scalp?

Mrs. Peperium

Ooooohhh. A little too frustrated Maureen? Careful, we might have to set the dogs out on you or worse, the Cardinal.

Go burn your bra.

Card's wife

Wait a minute. This is supposed to be the Card's return engagement of the highly popular question and answers about the Ps.


But my lovely, dear, cuddly, little French Clarence Thomas...such questions and answers are not popular at all. In fact, I can't recall the last time anyone had a question about the P's.

Face it, we are highly suspected of being P shills and not honest brokers of the inside skinny.

Alas and alack.

I do, however, have some great dish on Quicky if anyone is interested!

Mitsy C. V.

Tell me. Does Mr. Quicquid really know as much about computers and music as he seems to imply?



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