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November 21, 2005


Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

My dear Mrs. P, you have really gotten much too carried away today. First you want that dreadful Monty to visit. Then you are up in arms defending the most distasteful despots. And now this post about homosexual retirement villages. It is simply too, too much. Something must be wrong.

Perhaps a sedative of some sort would help calm you down. Or an enima. The strangest moods can seize one when bound.

Carol Channing

My dear, I don't think homosexuals ever retire.

Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

Miss Channing, I saw you in the original "Hello Dolly" in 1964. And you were absolutely delightful. It was one of my all time favorite shows.

I had no idea someone of your prominence read any of these blog things. It's kind of fun, isn't it? (I mean, in a trashy sort of way of course.)

And here I thought you were dead and buried. I'm really so embarrassed.

Carol Channing

Harry thought I was dead too. In fact I did such a good job convincing him I was still alive, he married me three years ago.

Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

Mrs. P, is this really Carol Channing or is someone playing a trick on me? It's very difficult to tell when people are being serious or silly on this blog.

Mrs. Peperium

Mitsy, you sound like you could use a stiffner. Are you game for a Polynesian night here at PP? Mr. Monty won't show because it will not involve scotch.

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