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November 23, 2005


Card's wife

It was very nice of him to share his recipes with me. Marupa told me you made Mrs. Smith's pies and you're going to try and pass them off as homemade tomorrow. (Like you did last year with that Sara Lee cheesecake.)


Sara Lee? One can hardly imagine the shame.

The next thing you know she'll be claiming she's made a Dutch apple pie.

Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

My dear, don't you worry about it. I never cooked anything. Lauralee, my cook, did it all. But if anybody particularly liked anything, I would just tell them it was an old family recipe that I had improved upon over the years.

When my son got married and invited me to his home for Thanksgiving, his wife had the brass to ask me to bring a dessert. I took a frozen Swanson pie. Not even pumpkin, they were out. It was blueberry and it was dreadful. But I don't like desserts in any event. I just had coffee and a snifter of brandy.

To hell with them, that's what I said (I really did).

Mrs. Peperium

Mitsy, Mr. P is going to make me one of your apple toadys tonight - you recall that recipe don't you? It almost won our Webgrog awards. Hey, could this bewhy you don't like Monty? He was the darkhorse who ended up taking the loving cup out of your hands right at the last minute.

Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

My entry was a real drink. That character Mr. Monty merely suggested that everyone get drunk on scotch. Now I ask you, if you are at all fair-minded, wouldn't you feel that you had been cheated?

Not that I care, mind you. But it wasn't really a contest after all, was it? Mr. Monty was simply selected as the winner because it made a better joke.

And it's not a toady, my dear, it's a toddy.


In Mrs. P's hands it's a toady.

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