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November 02, 2005


Andrew Cusack

Neocons are boring. Why don't you write about Hapsburg legitimists?

Mrs. Peperium

You know I once dated a guy who thought my lips were Hapsburgian.

Actually, ever since Misspent made his derogatory comments I've been trying to put together a post on that.

Steve M.

Now, Mrs. P, we all love Misspent dearly. But--how do you expect your readers to determine the time period you are referencing if the commencement date is the date of Misspent's "derogatory comments." Which derogatory comments?
And I agree with Andrew: Neocons are boring--at least when they are being "neocons" instead of something more easily defined.

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent's derogatory comment was in NeoCons;

"There are plenty of IR theorists that reject the Enlightenment, we call them postmodernists. Frankly, I don't see much differente between their postpositivism and the anti-Enlightenment pre-positivism of many on the right who lambast neocons. The idea that it is possible to return to a pre-Westphalian world of monarchs, papal armies, and cold blooded, Machiavellian realpolitik is not conservativism, it is lunacy."

If the Kings are ordained by God and ruled by Divine right (you know that tricky Holy Spirit thing), how can we say that is lunacy? More to come on this.


Bring it.

Martin Chorich

Call me a defender of the Old Corruption, but the more I consider Wilsonianism, the more I think Metternich, Talleyrand and Henry the K were on to something.

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