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January 27, 2006



Misspent requested a new post, so as to start a new thread of comments. But I distinctly recall his asking that there be no "news crap." I will leave it to Misspent to judge the matter (while wearing his academic attire), but I am not sure the above post constitues substantial compliance.

Mrs. Peperium

Who listens to a guy in a trenchcoat and socks?


Congrats on your winning the Armavirumque caption contest!

I was the runner up labeled "anonymous." Why I'm anonymous I have no idea. Whichever e-mail address I used to send it should have shown up and been listed under my entry.

I'm anonymously perturbed -- as usual. Anyone want a windmill cookie?

Mrs. Peperium

I'd love a windmill cookie.

Card, how could you come up as Anonymous?

Card's wife

It's George Bush's fault.

Mrs. Peperium

I should have known.


I liked the caption that began: "Itinerant icon of otherness Osama bin Laden..."


Hmm, sending them cookies and win their contest. This is worse than Jack Abramoff! I call for blog-contest reform.


Misspent, I thought the same thing. However, Mrs P's caption really was clever. I had no idea that Osama had been a member of White's. What a scandalous disgrace! The oldest club in London, too (1693). They're just like the royals (and the Brits generally, for that matter), everything is for sale! Cars, women, clubs, honor, you name it. Somehow it seems appropriate that White's is known for its gambling and betting. I can just see Osama there, swilling down gin and betting heavily on horses and elections in his playboy days. Before he was out to kill all of us for behaving in the same way.

And speaking of everything being for sale...

Let's get back to the Armavirumque matter...Yeah, I'm willing to bet that if I send them $50 with my next entry I will win handily. Any takers? Anyone from White's out there?


So he really was a member of White's ! I just knew, Taki, aka the "Poor Little Greek Boy," was lying when he backtracked from his original claims about his pal "Harry" Laden.

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent, people have been known to do more than rig contests to get my cookies.

Card, Mr. P and I both did the caption.

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