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February 06, 2006



See how easy it is to "say something nice" when you really put your mind to it!

Card's wife

What does you obsession with Hugh Hefner have to do with saying something nice about Detroit?

Mrs. Peperium

Well, the fact that the 80 year-old model of urban sophistication deigned to come to town is quite the compliment for Detroit, n'est pas?

Mrs. Peperium

By the way, were you aware how much Misspent and Hugh have in common? Both were raised in Methodist homes on the outskirts of Chicago and studied philosophy at the U of Chicago. Blondes are swedish.


Mrs. P., for someone who is always digging into people's business you certainly have a slim grasp of those you target. If you paid any attention to the people you play surrogate mother to, you would know that I did not study philosophy at the University of Chicago. I studied Economics. In fact, you would also know that I never took a philosophy class while at Chicago. Quite frankly, you are a pathetic attempt at a busy-body and if it weren't for photographic proof to the contrary I would now doubt whether there was a yellow sweater or if The Roger wore bowties and glasses.

Mrs. Peperium

I knew you studied economics. I was just testing to see if you had sobered up. Woo Hoo...

Hugh Hefner

Back off, Kwame, I have first dibs. After all, Mrs. P was hanging around my place scoping out my situation earlier today. I didn't hear her mention anything about hanging out at the Manoogian Mansion.

Sister Re

The hell with Hef. Girl, you com'on over to the boogian mansion and party with some soul folks who know bout gettin down, baby.

You don't be needin none of that Chitown bull. What you want is sum of that Motown class, where you be getting sum R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

You know what I be talkin bout, girl.

Mrs. Peperium

Chitli'ns and collard greens?

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent, a little birdie tells me that I need to apologize to you because you had a date last night that either went too well or too badly. I'm sorry your date didn't turn out the way you expected, Hugh Jr.

Card's wife

Wow. A Monday night slapdown. I'd better get another glass of wine and some armor plating.

Card's wife

Mrs. P, did you know Mick Jagger is 64?

Mrs. Peperium

Yes, I was able to tell by counting the rings aroung his bellybutton.


It can't really be a slapdown until Mrs. P insults someone who might be around to defend himself.

Mr. Bubbleface


I just received this offer form a stock photo house...for images of people in their 50's and 60's...I resent this...we don't look that bad...do we?

Hosni "Bacon" Fayad

Mr. Bubbleface, looking at these pictures is being a big shock to me. These people look more like they are in their 80's to me. Maybe they should try eating more pork (Hey, it's the other white meat, right?)

I don't see Mick Jagger anywhere in those pictures and the Mrs. Card says he is 64.

Whoever is selecting these pictures should get new glasses. Or maybe they just need an enema.

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