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April 14, 2006



And Muggeridge also codemned Monty Python's Life of Brian as blasphemous. The biography of MM that reveals his two faces is yet to be written. He was a major humbug.

Mrs. Peperium

Hmmnn. I'm new to Malcolm so I'll keep that in mind. A for humbugs, I'm quite partial to them :

Mr. Peperium

Ok, Stephenesque, let's assume A) that your information is correct and B) that...well, hm, I guess there is no B).

Anyway, let's say your information is correct. Let's say Muggeridge did say Life of Brian was blasphemous. Let's also say, just for argument, that that was the last thing Monty Python was aiming to be.

Does one mistaken critical judgement condemn a man to the outer darkness of humbuggery? Catholic writers and thinkers I admire have disagreed about the harm or good done by the Harry Potter series. What do I do? I assume they are all earnest and honest fellows and take their points as such. But humbugs? Personally, I laughed my bottom off at Life of Brian (the Judean People's Front vs. People's Front of Judea and conjugating Latin verbs at the point of a gladius especially). But it wouldn't shake my faith any more than the new-found "Gospel of Judas" that the chattering classes are making so much of these days. And the fact that I might disagree with Muggeridge...does that make his insights into the sham of Communism and Modernism any less trenchant?


Thinking back to Good Friday 2005, when my son dragged me away from Rome proper to visit (via the last stop of the commuter line and two bus runs), The Church of the New Millenium, I feel moved to paraphrase MM: Richard Mier's churches are sweet, but those unbuilt are sweeter.
Happy Easter, to Mr. & Mrs. P, RKFDIL, Little Bertie, and all who stop by this blog.
Mr. P, I am off to the Met to see that Madonna and Child we liked on your last visit--seemed a sensible thing to do on a Holy Saturday afternoon.


MM accused the film of blasphemy on BBC TV, along with the Bishop of Southwark. Pretty funny exchange if you ever see the footage. Pythons were totally taken aback by his attack.
I quite like Malcolm, actually, he was a contrarian and trouble-maker par excellence. But his main aim was self-promotion. If still alive I doubt he would still be a Christian. Probably moved back to the left, hard left most likely, just to get up of the noses of those friends he had made while boosting Mother Theresa.
Nothing wrong with that, really.
All bios of him so far have been written by close friends of his sucj as Richard Ingrams.

Mrs. Peperium

Hmn. Well, when it comes to the depths of people's faith, we can not be the judge. I have not yet made it to Malcolm's conversion but if it is at all related to Mother Theresa and he decided to later renounce it, I don't know how he ever would have possessed the courage to face her again. She was small but a mighty fortress. Liquidation in Russia would have probably been more appealing if Malcolm genuinely liked her.

Did you know that St. Therese of the Little Flower - I do not dare to attempt to spell the name of her town - claimed Oscar Wild as hers? She decided to pray for his conversion several years before it occurred and when it happened, she claimed it. She is known to have never committed a venial sin much less a mortal one so I believe her. Did Mother Therese claim Malcolm's? Is there anyone we can ask?


I don't question the truth of his Christian faith. He was probably as gung-ho a Christian as any martyr you care to mention ... at the time. But he seems to have had a tendency to burn himself out on whatever "faith" he was currently believing in, and then suddenly turn on it like a viper. (with good reason in the case of Communism, I agree)

Mrs. Peperium

He certainly was the earnest or idealistic type. The way he and his wife embarked upon their sojourn in the Soviet Union was rather breathtaking. Really almost bordering on the mad but they were true believers back then.

It's funny. I recall witnessing a similiar enthusiasm at biblestudy years ago. The room had maybe 100-125 women and the lecturer was teaching on the tyranny of possesions. It was a well-heeled group comprised mainly of car execs wives. At one point she said something along the lines of "I'm not telling you to get rid of all your things, I'm just saying don't make them the emphasis of your life." A woman that was positively glowing stood up and said "That's exactly what I've done!" The lecturer stopped and exclaimed "WHAT?" The woman then went on very happily about how she and her husband had owned several homes... and that she realised how misdirected their lives were so she sold everything and now she has no responsibilties for housework and can attend six biblestudies a week. The lecturer then asked "where are you living?" "In a motel." was the response. "Is your husband happy?" "Very, he gets to order room service." Again the lecturer repeated that she was not telling anyone to sell everything they had but was glad this was working out for this lady.

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