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June 02, 2006


stephenesque (writing as American Dagenham-ist)

An excellent sketch. While packing recently I had to decide what to do with all my old PC & DM record albums, since I no longer have a turntable. I kept them, of course. It is such a pity that there is so little actual video remaining of the duo's show. (Bloody BBC tape-erasing vandals). The preserved sketches they recorded for the ITV channel, however, have been made available on DVD (UK standard only so far). Not exactly classic material, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. Apologies inadvance for boring everyone with this useless information.

Mr. Peperium

No apologies necessary, Stephenesque. All very relevant info for those of us who are trying to track down the originals of this stuff.

As a matter of fact, we strongly suspect that even the transcript we posted has suffered under the delicate ministrations of the BBC. It lacks an all-time favorite line that occurs when Cook is describing how his wife doesn't like being lowered down the well. "The frogs" he observes, "don't like it, either."

Mrs. Peperium

By the way, Stephenesqe or hey you, we owe you a MAJOR apology. Basil Seal sent me a delightful email today (for a fellow who doesn't know how to talk to the opposite sex, he does quite well) with the spelling and annunciations of several British names. (Gee,I wonder why?) Anywho, one of them was BARMY FOTHERINGAY PHIPPS. You were right. It was Barmy and not Balmy. I'm so sorry.


When may I have my bathrobe back?

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