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June 02, 2006



Well, I have just finished reading all the posts at Sweetness & Light and reading your post. (I'm so behind in my reading, ugh!)

It is amazing to me that people just jump to the assumption that the American Marines at guilty -- no questions asked, no investsigation --. It's just sickening to me.

The 'doctor' involved in this does sound very suspicious to me. We have to remember that this place is/was full of terrorists (insurgents, whatever folks want to call them, they are killers).

A friend emailed me this morning. Her friend's grandson was shot by a 13 year old boy in Iraq. Shot and killed. Very likely the soldier was trying to help the boy and his town, I don't know the circumstances. But the boy just walks up and shoots the soldier.

Where is the MSM now? Why are they not reporting incidents like this where our guys are being murdered? And it IS murder. But that doesn't sell papers to the libs (America haters).

It just makes me so darned mad.


"Taliban legend has it that the Prophet Muhammad came to Mullah Omar in a 1994 dream and told this simple, half-blind village cleric to rid Afghanistan of the warlords, who were nothing but thieves and debauched murderers."

Considering that Sunni Islam bans pictorial depictions of Muhammad, how did Omar know it was him?

Also, Mrs. P, how does one format text in the Comments? I tried using the usual HTML "text" without the quotes to italicize the text, but that doesn't work on your blog.

Mr. Peperium


I'm only saying this to you because I know you'll understand. So, just between us Idolaters of the Whore of Babylon, I need to share a growing suspicion:

The more I learn about Islam, the more a disturbing parallel occurs to me. No pictures of Muhammad allowed. No need of a church, no mediation between God and man, just personal prayer five times a day. Belief in one book as the perfect word of God; a book so perfect that to translate it was considered--if I may use the term--not quite kosher.

Add it all up and what does it kinda sound like? Protestantism.

As to your vexing questions about HTML's and such, fie on you! Our area will soon be overtaken by the universal jihad and soon, thanks be to Muhammad, these technical questions will be a thing of the vaquely remembered past as I try to get through my day without that lunchtime G&T that comes in so handy most days.

Mrs. Peperium

Debbie, The reporting is so bad and so biased, it is causing me to reflexively think all of our soldiers are innocent, no matter what. Keep going with your blog. Your work is amazing.

juana suarez

Back in November 2001, Afghanistan was still ruled by the Taliban, so in order to enter the country and report, journalists had to get visas from the Taliban at the border. That is how McGirk, along with reporters from LeMonde, the Times of London, and the Washington Post ended up spending time with them at that miserable place. They were not armed with anything except pen and paper. How they passed that Thanksgiving makes fascinating reading. When reporters quote people, it does not mean they support what is said.

Mrs. Peperium

Thanks Juana. The parts of Tim McQuirk's Thanksgiving With The Taliban I found truly objectionable besides eating with the enemy was:

...But he hasn't seen his uncle much lately: the Taliban supreme leader has been awfully busy since Sept. 11...

The Taliban allowed Al-Qaeda to live in Afghanistan. They declared the buildings crumbling on Sept 11th were a sign of God's support for them and their horrible regime. McQuirk's reporting of this remark was worthless because who is to say the "Taliban fighter" (ie; enemy of U.S.) was telling him the truth? How could McQuirk confirm the guy was who he said he was? It was impossible. You used to have to confirm those things before a remark like that was published in a magazine like Time.
The other most offensive and unprofessional remark was:
..."I leave thinking that maybe this evening wasn't very different from the original Thanksgiving: people from two warring cultures sharing a meal together and realizing, briefly, that we're not so different after all."
This is so wrong, where does one begin? First, the man is emoting - very girlie of him to be so warm and fuzzy with the enemy as well as unprofessional. War correspondents are supposed to reports facts, not emotions. Second, what is the news quality in this? Third, the pilgrims and the Indians were not warring. They supported each other. The first Thanksgiving was not a day of truce in a war : It was a day of Thanksgiving.

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