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July 17, 2006


Andrew Cusack

If these guys are "super Catholic" then Oskar Schindler was "super Nazi".

Mrs. Peperium

Fear not Mr. Cusack. I don't believe super has yet become a synonym for practicing. BTW, how is the official photographer of PP? Employed, perhaps by a certained bow tied one???

I think if we can get Mr. P in the right mood, which he is on his way into being, then soon some of your handiwork might be needed.


I take some comfort from the fact that one of them is named Randy.

Mrs. Peperium

Fiendish, you're back! Hooray! I did note the alternative use of randy as well.

Did you see that piece over at Armavirumque yesterday on Right to Life vs Right to Live, or something like that? I don't think Patum Peperium can remain silent about our profound disagreement with that one.
Oh, if only Mr. Cusack was still on the intern staff there. Then we could have had the duel to death (philosophical death, naturally, as Mr. Cusack is quite the gentleman) of the Westchester County interns. I would have paid $$$$ to see that one...


I agree that such an exchange would be a good idea, and worth paying for. From what I remember of Prof. Hart's comments in his exchanges late last year with Fr. Gerry Murray and Fr. Richard Neuhaus, I was disappointed in Prof. Hart's constant resort to slogans rather than reasoned arguments.

Mrs. Peperium

Apparently he has not availed himself of the latest science either. Embryonic stem cells cause tumors. Tell me does a type 1 diabetic child need to deal with a tumor? My brother is a type one diabetic and has been for 35 years. Type 1 diabetics have a very difficult time healing. Any form of surgery is very serious for them.

Mrs. Peperium

BTW, I did note your particular criticism of Professor emeritus Hart with, to use a favorite word of Clinton's, profound disappointment. To see such a highly intelligent man battle back with slogans is sad. Much like Stanley Fish in the days before "the heretic in the temple" Professor Robert P. George flipped his stance on abortion.


Well, Hart did say his reasoning was an "exercise in the use of the 'moral imagination'" so you can't really argue the Type 1 Diabetic example with him from a scientific point of view. I think Hart has himself covered there.

Mrs. Peperium

Very good Stephenesque. We will spend some more time here uncovering Mr. Hart. It will be great fun so please join in.

Mandingo Jones

Oh my...

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. This article was so wacky it became a parody!

And a lesbian minister too! How original! Did they have a vegan reception?

I wonder if this will be featured on the National Council of Churches website or on the Onion for that matter!

I will be laughing all day today at work - my co-workers will think me crazy.

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