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July 30, 2006


Andrew Cusack

Fiendish, if you're back from Lac du Saint-Sacrement, would you happen to have the July edition of Chronicles? I haven't gotten my paws on it yet and it looks juicy.


Just finishing July Chronicles, and had you in mind for its future owner. I should have it with me on Sunday. I assume you caught the fact that Mrs. P did not take kindly to our use of PP as a private message board. But Mrs. P sould know what effect admonishment would have on a lout and a popinjay.

Mrs. Peperium

Fear not Fiendish. I know how to handle a lout and a popinjay. All it takes is the occasional application of the United States Marine Corps.

Mrs. Peperium

Oh, and we must not forget the occasional lunchdate with Mitsy. Andrew has captured her fancy and he's her Bad Boy.

Mrs. Peperium

By the way Fiendish, your math on a 3 day vacation is eerily similiar to the Church uses with Christ dying on Good Friday and rising 3 days later on Easter Sunday.

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