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July 13, 2006



I think Mr Kaletsky's column should be read and taken to heart by all Israelis, so they can stop their panicking and wallowing in self-pity.

War? Concerted attacks by jihadis sponsored by terrorist states? Nonsense! Whoever heard of such a ridiculous thing?

Mrs. Peperium

Irish Elk, we drank Smuttynoses with Steve M. (Actually, think he stuck to The Old Speckeled Hen with his fellow Latin Masser - not master - Master Cusack) during our holiday and talked (very nicely) of you. Then we return to find you were in Maine at about the same time we were!

You are so right about the Israelis and their self-wallowing - you know they're always wailing at that wall too... Those people just can't move on.

Hizbollah and Hamas are Iranian related. What they're up to is all orchestrated with Iran. Remember how Pakistan and India were battling on their common border at the time of 9/11? UbL is not orchestrating everything this but somehow all this is related. Look for some magnificient flying by some very brave Israeli pilots. Also, look to Turkey as we would need to refuel there if we were to join the Israelis.

Mrs. Peperium


Mark C. N. Sullivan

Mrs P, Smuttynose IPA is the way to go. Sorry to have missed you in Maine!


Mrs. P, as someone who spent quite some time in India recently, I can assure you that both the issues of free tigers and Pakistan-sponsored terrorism are not so simple. There are few tigers left in Indian forests because most have been poached to sell to the Chinese who use various tiger parts in their traditional medicine (e.g. tiger *male-parts* to cure impotence). Also, if you've read any of Jim Corbett's work, you'd know that tigers don't go for humans unless the tiger is old or injured and thus can't get better food. The loss of habitat and natural prey like deer due to illegal forest-cutting and hunting also doesn't help. One solution would be increased protection for India's wildlife sanctuaries.

The terrorism issue can't be resolved by merely declaring war on Pakistan because Pakistan has nukes and won't be afraid to use them. (Reason why Iran should be dealt with ASAP.) Also, when India has gone to war with Pakistan in times past, the results were very bloody since the Indo-Pakistan border is an extremely cold and mountainous region. Not to mention that the US was (and still is) a staunch supporter of Pakistan due to the Cold War. Both India and Afghanistan have been shouting themselves hoarse over Pakistan's sponsorship of terrorism, but the US refuses to give Pakistan a smackdown.

Mrs. Peperium

Jacobite, actually I was aware of the poaching of tiger body parts. We have the same problem in this country with the grizzly bear and the rattlesnake - as parts of those beasts also are said to cure Chinese impotence as well. Though the best cure to Chinese impotence would be for the government to lift the one-child policy. Anyway, the eco-alumnis do attribute poaching as the major problem with free tigers in India but since their beloved institution, Princeton, actively promotes complete sexual freedom I wonder which plight, the plight of the free tiger or the plight of the impotent Chinaman would garner more sympathy with Prof. of bio ethics Peter Singer?

Anyway about India. I wasn't necessarily advocating war on Pakistan. However Pakistan and the Palestinians do get special treatment from our government and others. We tend to look the other way though Bush does most firmly assert Israel's right to defend itself. Right Truth has a great post with Mark Steyn on this today. I'm currently awaiting a storm to pass at Mrs. C's so there is not the time to post it, right now.

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