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July 27, 2006


Mandingo Jones

This is a sad story about the brave Marine, I just hope Americans come to realize the sacrifice of the armed forces, and regarding the medieval crazies creating havoc on the West (and on their own people too - let's not forget that one - Muslim on Muslim "drive by" violence) there have been many attacks like this in the past, and alas, more to come in the future unfortunately.

We are all Jews now! Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, - and most importantly, women have rights in Israel, and just for that - and for the liberation of Afghan women from the Taliban, is reason enough to fight this war. The fem-nazis don't understand or refuse to understand this.

Reading this account of the young Marine made my blood boil especially thinking on how (soft on terror) Congressman Major Owen gave a pass to terror apologist and Cuban/Castro agent Medea Benjamin so she could heckle the Iraqi president on his D.C. speech.

Mrs. Peperium

Well Mandingo, I'm not one of those who goes all wobbly when angry. It motivates me to do the right thing and support those who are doing the right thing. Moral clarity is needed these days. Kofi Annan is ignoring the facts here because if he were to look at them, he'd have to resign. Go over to littlegreenfootballs and see the photos of the Israeli IDF soldiers saving the life of a UN peacekeeper that was hit by a Hezbollah rocket. Hezbollah has hit 4 UN peacekeeperes since last week yet Kofi only criticizes Israel. Those peacekeeepers are there, in a war zone -were's the peace in a war zone? -under Kofi's orders. They can only leave when HE allows it. He's NOT allowing them to leave and they're getting killed and injured. It's time to call it a day over at the UN, have a big tag sale of all the office equipment, getting a wrecking crew into dismanlte the buildings and give the land back to the Rockefellors. Let them redevelop it into condos or a theme park.

Mrs. Peperium

HA! http://www.washtimes.com/national/20060728-123022-5852r.htm

Here's more;



Kofi is lucky he's not my husband.

Mrs. Peperium

Homework assignment for over the weekend :

When has world opinion been on the side of goodness?

Here is some reading material to aid you;

Mandingo Jones

Without studying - we know the answer.
Mrs. P asks:

"When has world opinion been on the side of goodness?"

Answer: NEVER!

As to the UN - yes, a garage sale would be nice - There would be some bargains, and rare finds - some real nice Mid- Century modern furniture and Objects d'Arte would look nice in my living room. Think vintage Knoll, Herman Miller, and Le Corbusier.

Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer one of my favorites,(I feel guilty saying so) was one of the designers for the UN building - he is still alive at like 99 years old - too bad he is a Stalinist Castroite puke.

Yes, littlegreenfootballs is an incredible site. There is also a great graphic on FreeRepublic.com that shows an Islamic terrorist wacko using a Moslem mother and a child as human shields - hiding behind them - and then a brave IDF soldier actually shielding an Israeli mother and child as he fires to defend them from terror. See the difference? That's is what the Left is afraid of. Men - heroes, right vs wrong. I will try and look for it and send the pic off-line to you.

Mr. Peperium

Please do. In the meantime, do you have a blog of your own? Even if you don't, your comment deserves a link on the left side of ours as soon as you get one.

I mean, "Stalinist Castroite puke"..."the Left is afraid of men"...just the right tone and prespective. Such clarity always makes me wonder why more people don't see.

Mrs. P thinks that Michelle Malkin has a link to the picture you're talking about.

Mrs. Peperium

Here is Debbie from Right Truth on the UN:


Debbie is an amazing source for all things terrorist.

mandingo jones

I sort of have a blog:
Kind of a rant / satire / news blog.
But I have not posted since April - I ran out of steam and I was getting too angry because I felt like one lone guy fighting this behemoth and nobody in my community would back me up. Kind of soft on my part. I need to get my fighting spirit back. As we all know, the NCC and the religious Left is one of the main supporters of those who want to destroy the West- because, in reality the religious "Left" was, and is, designed to actually pervert and eventually destroy everything we spiritually hold dear - no matter if you are Christian or Jewish - in order to bring in socialism...

I also archive the sad life of a brave but hapless political prisoner that Castro just wants to destroy - I want the world to know about Dr. Biscet. Jay Nordlinger from NRO has also done much to get Biscet's name out there.


Mrs. P, Saturday (29 July 2006) marked the 25th anniversary of the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer to Charles, "Prince of Wales". Surprisingly, the BBC hasn't made a single mention of it.


Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, tell us when you get your fighting spirit back and reactivate your blog. Castro is pure pond scum. I'll never forget the expression on his face as he as watched Pope John Paul II address cheering Cubans.

Jacobite, I just read an interview by Fergie for a recent issue of Ladies Home Journal. The woman is off her rocker. She's going to become a "household brand" offering household items for all the people who have supported her the last 12 years and priced accordingly so that those same people can afford them. She still blames her marital infidelity on her husband - his military service - and not her own fallen nature. She has allowed her 17 year old daughter to date a 23 year old man who was later found guilty of manslaughter. But my favorite was besides the notion she doesn't date is that she, Andrew and the Queen are throwing an 18th fancy dress birthday party complete with masks for Princess Beatrice in a few days entitled The 1881 Party. Why? Because Princess Beatrice was born in 1981 and is so fond of Pride and Prejudice and the clothes the girls wore then. Hello? Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813. The ladies ladies wore Empire-style gowns. In 1881, they were wearing bustles and corsets. Either the Queen and the rest of the Royal family have no idea of the history of the country over which they rule or they are so accustomed to having everything the way they want it, reality has no influence over them what so ever.

Oh, and Fregie is writing a romance novel set in the 1700's. According to her it will be Pride and Prejudice meets 24...

Jerks all of them and so are the media. As time goes on my sympathies grow more and more for young Lady Diana Spencer...

mandingo jones


Link to IDF thing I was speaking about.

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