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August 03, 2006


The Maximum Leader

I had one this morning. My lovely wife looked at me as though I'd gone round the bend by frying the bread I'd be putting bacon on. She accused me of having a death-wish in fact.

I made it up to her by making peach ice cream.

Speaking of fine pork products. I recently bought a pound of Serrano ham from Spain. I last had some in a tapas bar in Granada. I was sipping cold beer and eating Serrano ham, large olives, and a cheese that was mild and complementary to the ham. I fear my Spanish is non-existant and my memory fails me as to the name of the cheese. If you have a recommendation I'm all ears.


Again again I say: Mais ou sont les neiges d'antan? Or in this case, the Hosni's of yesterposts? I do hope the lad has not achieved (possibly due to bacon overdose) the same body temperature as that other maven of maximum leadership, Fidel.

Mrs. Peperium

Maximum Leader, I do have recommendations. First, traditionally Manchego is the cheese that is served with Serrano. From what you describe, it sounds like a young Manchego - 6 months of age. I prefer age on my Manchego - over 8 months. An aged Manchego has a much drier texture and not so pliant. A cheese I prefer over Manchego is Zamorano. I just love it as it is a tad more piquant, richer flavor as it is usually higher in quality. Since you have little Villianettes, Mahon is a nice Spanish cheese that the whole family will like. Now if you're thinking of having the guys over for ham, olives, wine and cheese then may I recommend this cheese; http://www.cheesefromspain.com/CFS/1509Tetilla_I.htm
It will make the conversation most interesting.

The Maximum Leader

Manchego sounds right. I'll have to see if my cheesemonger can wrangle me up some. Alas, I've already finished the Serrano I brought home the other day. So this will give me a reason to get some more.

I will have to get some Tetilla for the next time the Smallholder and I get together. It looks like a very entertaining cheese.

I've also decided I need to buy the Smallholder a ton or two of peanuts. Since he is raising a pig for me I need to have him finish them on peanuts for me. Then I need to see about getting his Mennonite butcher to cure up a few hams for me. The Mennonites in his area are particularly good butchers. But I don't know if any of them do curing. I can hardly imagine that they wouldn't; but there is always that chance.

Mrs. Peperium

Smithfield hams are the ones raised on peanuts, right? I've only had Smithfield ham a few times. It's very good though I'm not too keen on red eye gravy. I haven't had it since I was 17 so maybe I'd like it these days, since I can't seem to make it through the day without a cup of coffe. I love Parma ham and adore Westphalian (sp?) ham. Parma piggies are raised on cheese curds from parmesan reggiano. I have no idea what Westphalian (sp?) piggies dine on.

Mrs. Peperium

By the way, see if your cheesemonger can get you some Valdeon -http://www.artisanalcheese.com/prodinfo.asp?number=10658

I love it. It's not as good as Colston-Basselt stiliton but what is? Different from Maytag and better than Fourme d'Ambert. Though Fourme d'Ambert is a very nice cheese.

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