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August 11, 2006


The Editors

Sorry bread recipe. You were mistaken for a spammer.



To Whom It May Concern:
I, Fiendish Lout, hereby disclaim all responsibility for any miscommunications resulting from phone calls between (a) my Blackberry (which is great for email, but would rival an East German cell phone if East Germany was still around and making cell phones) and (b) any cell phones being operated within the premises known as Dick O'Dow's (including, without limitation, Mrs. C's cell phone which was in use last night from said loaction). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any statement I may have made last night, such as "yes," "OK," "un huh" or words of similar import must not be construted as agreement to any wild statements made to me by Mrs. P, Mrs. C or Mr. P (Cardinal wisely stayed out of this). I was just trying to make polite sounds as I strained to hear. The above disclaimer will also apply to any cell phone calls any of you may make to me in the future from the scene of a riot or from outdoors during a hurricane. Nevertheless, it was nice to hear that you are all well and have not been banned from Dick O'Dow's.


Fiendish was seen sporting sandals with pedicured toes as he boarded his morning bus.


Fiendish was seen sporting sandals with pedicured toes as he boarded his morning bus.

Your Correspondent (I heard it all!)

Here's what your "yes," "OK," and "un huh" were in answer to, Fiendish.

1) Mrs P: "So Fiendish, I told this stupid drunk that his back is his own problem. I mean, why is he talking to me about it? Let him go to some ER and squawk at some quack. I just told him I want that twenty-two bucks for Little Bertie's broken car and that if he doesn't cough up we'll sue him and put him in jail. Now, doesn't that sound resonable? And if you don't agree with me I expect you to clearly say so right now. But don't you think I'm being completely reasonable? Will you pursue this for me? Shall I put this drunk on the phone so you can threaten him?"
Fiendish Lout: "Yes."

2) Marupa: "Will you take me out this weekend and buy me a lot of drinks? I'll make it worth your while."
Fiendish Lout: "OK."

3) Mrs C: "So you're telling me that you're at the bar at the New York Athletic Club wearing a seersucker sport jacket and blue jeans? And you've decided to become a bad boy? What, you and Andrew? It's so hard to believe. And then this thing about taking Marupa out this weekend. Frankly, I'm shocked. Are you sure you want to get into the slimey underworld of this bad boy thing?"
Fiendish Lout: "Un huh."

mandingo jones

A suggestion:

1. Take any of the hams mentioned above, Serrano, Smithfield, or Virginia and slice thin. Place on a nice baguette which has been sliced open. Slather (not so liberally) with Dijon, and add some slices of Swiss or Jarlsberg cheese. Some slices of Manchego cheese are good if you are only using serrano, or some (not so sharp) provolone if you live in Philadelphia. Add a few sliced thin dill pickles. Put the whole thing under a panini press or use a frying pan with a brick wrapped in aluminum foil. Press down until the bread is toasty and the cheese is melted inside. Enjoy.

2. Open up a sandwich stand in Dearborne-stan Mich. selling the above sandwiches. Hang a picture of Teddy Roosevelt walking softly but wielding a big stick and play John Philip Sousa music - and if certain residents don't like it - too bad. Donate part of the proceeds to Israeli orphans.

The Maximum Leader

I'm afraid that the lunch stand in Dearborn might not make lots of profit if the locals become too inflamed. (If my understanding of Dearborn locals is correct.)

The locals will, however, be missing some really tasty sandwiches.


If the locals become "inflamed" they can always use Prep. H - but enough of that - this is a family site.

The Maximum Leader



Fiendish Lout just seen having lunch with 8 other shoeless men - all look like lawyers or worse, judges- at Yokohama Mamma's Cold Noodle and Sake shop. Fiendish needs to work on his chopsticks.

Hosni "Bacon" Fayad

I am not thinking that Mr. Jones is being serious, but boy would I ever love a restaurant like that.

By the way, did I ever tell you that my daughter, Kadija, plays the Sousa phone?


Andrew Cusack just seen boarding NYC-bound train with directions to NYAC in his hand and navy blue cotton gym bag with large zipper and even larger Speedo logo emblazened across its side. If it has what we think it has inside - I'll just go be sick now.

Hosni "Bacon" Fayad

I almost forgot, my favorite U. S. President is Teddy Roosevelt! "Speak softly and carry that big stick!" Am I right?

TR and RR (President Reagan --another best!)

mandingo jones

New York Athletic Club, anything in seersucker, and blue jeans?

A volatile mixture.


Mr. Mandingo Jones, perhaps you would like to take me out for a cuban sandwich and some rum. Do you own anything seersucker? What do you think of Castro? Do you have any oil stock? Just trying to make conversation.


Fiendish Lout, wearing sandals, just ducked into the Sixth Avenue swim shop, Different Strokes and emerged carrying small navy blue plastic bag with large white Speedo logo.


I not sure what is in these bags. Somebody better call Homeland Security--I don't think the NYAC doormen are up to the task of protecting us in these troubled times.

mandingo jones


Do you know any place in NYC that makes Cuban sandwiches? I only have the pleasure of eating them in Miami.

Hmmm...rum, with Cuban sandwiches? Interesting, maybe a mojito.

I do not like 80 year old smelly men with beards who at that age still wear combat uniforms.

My father was into seersucker, I don't own anything like that - I am into sandals, polos, gurkha shorts, and baseball caps, black tees, and khaki pants with cuffs.

Alas, I don't own any oil stock, but bad boy GĂ©rard Depardieu does own some oil wells in and off shore in Cuba - and that is a true fact, google it - he luvs castro.

Paddy McMurphy, head doorman of NYAC for 35 years

While it is against club rules for me to share the contents of Mr. Fiendish Lout's bags or the contents of his guests' bags, I can share with you that that ham sandwiches do not figure among the items. Also, it is safe to say because it is common knowledge around the club that Renny the poolman has stated that Mr. Lout wears teal blue better than most men.


Paddy, I take back what I said before. I actually phoned that comment in over my accursed Blackberry (about which, see my first comment for this "Pillow Talk" post), so I am not actually responsible for the content of "my" comment. In which event, come to think of it, I take back my first sentence in this comment. OK?


Mr. Jones: No oil, hunh. Are you sure? Could you send me a Dun and Bradstreet? And then we will talk mojitos.

Paddy McMurphy, head doorman of NYAC for 35 years

As you wish Mr. Lout. Now, if you could see your way to sending a few pints of Guinness and a few plates of oysters to the lads out front tonight, then I will gladly swear on the family bible that a guest of yours who bears an uncanny likeness to the young man described above by 'Jamie' IS NOT at this very moment splashing around the club pool clad in European-style swimwear (azure and flame red strips according to Renny) with an inflatible innertube with a yellow ducky motif around his waist.

Andrew Cusack

I neglect to check the comment box for one day and all hell brakes loose. What's all this hootenany about? And surely the NYAC does not permit the wearing of 'blue jeans'!

Paddy McMurphy, doorman

You should have seen what happened in the hotel lobby of the Townsend Hotel last night.

All I will say for now is that Mrs P was landing Harriers much to everyones shock and chagrin.

P.S. BTW, Mrs P, the Marines have, are and always will be with JWT Atlanta. They are the only one of the services that have not regularly changed agencies.

Mrs. Peperium

All I can say is that it's a good thing that Harriers don't require runways.

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