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September 02, 2006


Basil Seal

More like damsels in baddress...I cannot speak for Mr. Elk, but in the case of those particular damsels, Basil Seal would have to give them the miss-in-baulk...Of course I paid no heed to the other photos since they did not include that special art form: a nude Louise Brooks...

Mrs. Peperium

If you paid no attention then how do you know they are not of that special art form?

Basil Seal

Paid 'no heed' not 'no attention'...


Mrs. P, Mr. Elk asked for More Tales from the Garret. Mr. Seal seconded that request. I hereby and herewith third it.


Yes, more Tales from the Garret, please.

Meantime, as for damsels in distress, I favor Cecil B DeMille, who is more edifying re church history:


Basil Seal

We have made a public appeal in Mayfair...

Mrs. Peperium


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