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September 13, 2006



I think he shares that old English thing of men dressing up. Sometimes I think tony Blair might have some of those dress up tendencies. It is funny when Monty Python does it, or when Benny Hill did it, or Qutin Crisp, but not with this guy. Oh, and at a party relating to 007. Now I am mad. The real James Bond of the books would have never dressed as a woman - it was actually the villains that did the cross dressing. Bond was too much of an hombre to wear a dress.

Talking about 007 - me thinks they are going to screw the next movie as always.

Has anyone read the rare book - sanctioned OK by the Ian Fleming estate called the Biography of James Bond, by John Pearson. Great stuff - some Masterpiece Theatre like moments in it too!

Mrs. Peperium

Yes, Bond was too much of a man to wear a dress and a itsy, bitsy blue bikini would have been unthinkable. William and his brother get a large pass on their behavior because of the untimely death of their mother. When Prince Harry went to a fancy dress party as a Nazi, I thought the truly insulting thing was that William and Harry's best pal went as their grandmother. What grandsons allow that disrespect? The idea that the Princes are just cutting loose and trying to be normal like us, is as offensive as well. They can and will never be like us and the sooner they accept that the better for them and their subjects. Besides, how many of you dress as Nazis, wear bikinis and pout like a Bond girl?

I just wish the next time the family is all gathered for drinks at Sandringham, Queenie would look William and Kate squarely over the crystal rim of her gin and say, "Next time, leave your sex games at home."

You know, when Prince Charles starts pontificating about how we shouldn't do things to anger the Muslim world, he better start looking at his own family. The Islamofascists won't mind the Nazi fancy dress but since they consider having ladies' undergarments draped over their head as an extreme form of torture, can you imagine what they'd think of a pouting English Prince in high heels and a blue binkini with the girlfriend toting the firepower?

Old Dominion Tory

Usually, the Princes perform well in public, exhibiting the same devotion to duty that HM The Queen personifies. After all, Prince Harry has nigh demanded a combat posting and his older brother will serve in the Army as well. Alas, there are times when they behave as their mother often did: frivolously and with a distinct lack of good judgment.
Let's hope their father and their grandfather also let them know that this type of behavior doesn't pass muster.

Mrs. Peperium

Very true Old Dominion. I believe both Prince Charles' and Andrew's military service were a great credit to themselves and hopefully the younger Princes will follow in those military shoes. It's the choice of the ladies that seems to make these fellows fall apart. They require more serious types than they fancy, I'm afraid.


Mrs. P, that's not the worst thing:
Now all that's needed is an unscrupulous cleaning lady with a camera-phone.

Meanwhile, you never hear of such awfulness from the Wittelsbachs. Yet the British politicians of today speak as if a republic is the only alternative to the Windsors. Sigh.

Mrs. Peperium

Gee... I thought Kate Middleton was morphing into Sarah Ferguson but I was wrong. Really wrong. She's Irene Adler. Now there's a post for the Roman Catholic Boys For Art.

William is required by English law to marry a woman who has not known a man. If the rumors are true and these two are already engaged, it will be fun to watch (in a cynical way) the Archbishop of Canterbury make the theological case as to why this law needs to be updated...


We are not amused. Ahem.


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